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Human Trafficking Policy. Short Speech

I wish to address my professors and fellow students about the problem of human trafficking in the world.
The problem is becoming more common, and it is going unnoticed. For instance, bonded labor is the least known of labor trafficking, and yet the most common form of modern-day slavery. The victims are forced to work so that they may repay the goods or fees that they acquired from their traffickers when they were being coerced or deceived into trafficking. They find themselves indebted to many people who took part in their trafficking and are forced to keep working so that they may settle the debts (Murray, 2015).

The state of North Dakota is not an exception to the subject of human trafficking. Being a prosperous, male-dominated region with highly skewed male-to-female ratio, it prompts male workers to seek out for prostitutes. The last-year report on Bakken region confirms that these females are normally victims of human trafficking outside United States. In the meantime, some of workers who hired them does not even recognize of their sexual contact to be a violation of human rights. Unlike in other states, human trafficking in North Dakota also lacks educating the public and law enforcement officials about prostitution and human trafficking problem state-wide. There is also a chain of agencies and web marketplaces offering services like still offering services of a kind for a growing male population (Rucke, 2014).

Human trafficking in North Dakota, as well as in other regions of United States is caused by structural factors such as poverty, globalization, social norms, and government policies. Poverty and lack of education are the main driving force for human trafficking. People are willing to move to new places where there are employment opportunities and education. They end up being deceived into forced labor and, as shown by the case of oil-rich Bakken region, sex slaves. With globalization, many nations have opened their borders to allow free flow of capital, goods, and labor. The less wealthy countries do not have the capacity to offer livable wages, and their citizens shift to the more wealthy nations. Gender inequalities that inhibit women from entering the formal sector push them to enter the informal sector that is mostly affected by human trafficking issues (Katharine, & Janet 2001).

I am qualified to address the issue because I have studied and have done a lot of research on human trafficking. I have read many studies that address the problem like journals, newspapers, textbooks, blogs, and government websites that offer information about the matter. The growth of the Internet has contributed to the increase in human trafficking. There are many websites such as craigslist, backpage, and Myspace, that market and recruit women into sex work. The mainstream social sites have also been suspected of propagating the crime since people can connect with anyone (Katharine, & Janet 2001). While globalization has boosted human trafficking, it has also led to the development of technologies that can be used to …

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