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Emerging Cyber Security Approaches and Technologies

Our main objective in this report is to identify and assess an emerging cyber security approach or technology. After doing so, the discussion will also include an assessment of government efforts to facilitate the development of the identified emerging approach or technology. To narrow down the scope of research, the discussion will focus on searchable encryption. Searchable encryption is a feature in cloud storage that allows users to securely search for content in the cloud using searched terms (Curtmola, Garay, Kamara & Ostrovsky, 2006). Moreover, searchable encryption is equipped with a system similar to a ‘trapdoor’ that asks for users to enter a secret key after keying in a search term or keyword to look for content or data in the cloud (Curtmola, Garay, Kamara & Ostrovsky, 2006). Searchable encryption is highly valuable because encryption plays an important role in protecting the contents of the cloud against security breaches and leaks (Curtmola, Garay, Kamara & Ostrovsky, 2006). Without encryption, hackers and other users may freely access content stored within a user’s personal cloud storage and use them to commit fraud, extortion, and other forms of crime. For this reason, experts in the field of cyber security are constantly conducting research about technologies such as searchable encryption to create more opportunities for organizations or companies to improve security. The succeeding report explores searchable encryption as an emerging technology in cloud computing and storage. The report includes a description of searchable encryption as well as its features and functions, the use of the technology in organizations, the role of the government in the development of this technology, and the advantages and disadvantages of the technology and the involvement of the government in its development. Overall, outcomes of research show that searchable encryption is an emerging technology that integrates a layer of protection in cloud storages. The technology is in its early stage, however, since old models of searchable encryption illustrate shortcomings or weaknesses that may compromise the security of data available online. Various researchers are conducting research and testing to find ways to improve searchable encryption for commercial use and in creating new models of this technology that eliminates shortcomings and weaknesses. Aside from research studies, the government’s contribution to the development of searchable encryption is also crucial. Nevertheless, the government should look for ways to address the implications of searchable encryption to information sharing with cloud computing companies.

Emerging Cyber Security Approaches and Technologies

In recent years, online users have increasingly subscribed to cloud computing. Due to the amount and volume of data being created and shared, cloud storage has met the needs of online users to date storage that may be accessed in different networks. Despite the advantages and contributions of cloud storage, however, various security issues arise due to various threats such as hacking and information theft online (Xiong, Gan, He & Zhao, 2013). Searchable encryption is an emerging technology that technology experts see as an option for users to …

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