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The images destroyed during the Byzantine period were similar to those of modern art defacement in that they were made of stones and wooden panels. The images were decorated and placed inside the church as evidenced in contemporary society, for example, the Roman Catholics place graven images of Virgin Mary in front of the church. The images in Byzantine time represented human figures such as rulers and soldiers that are similar to modern art defacement (Noble, Thomas).

The pictures of the eras are different in that Byzantine images rendered portrait images unrelated to any real person while modern art images represent living monarchs.Modern art images are significant as they help in understanding what took place in Byzantine during the 8th and 9th century as they represent the few icons that survived during the iconoclastic period in Byzantine. They are representations of veneration Byzantine icons that continued to be copied to modern societies. Current images are used to identify the religious and political practices that took place in Byzantine (Brubaker, Leslie). For instance, the craven wooden panel was used for prayer and devotion. Contemporary historians use the images to study cultural heritage among the Byzantine and how behaviors are imitated today.

The Byzantine and modern art idols represent the power of monasteries and growing wealth. Arts of defacement have been depicting the heroes of the old time and are also set up to represent the fallen heroes. The power of art has influenced the way people behave as it has as encouraged idolatry. People are turning to idol worship because of the presence of idols. They have led people to commit violence as evidenced by the Muslims, who are destroying places of worship and demolishing cult statutes.

There have been ongoing battles between nations as they struggle to destroy monuments and other symbols of power. Iconoclasm has therefore inflicted injury on complexes of images and monuments.

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