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Importance of Enterprise Applications in Business

In the business world today, technology has played a significant role in total operations of companies. Innovations in much software through technology have made business to be efficient in production as well as attracting new customers. Creation of new software in enterprises has enabled increased sales, improved management systems, simple collection of data and analysis, efficient allocation of resources and improved customers and other stakeholder's relationships(Trainor, Andzulis, Rapp, & Agnihotri, 2014).Data–level enterprise application has played an essential role in data transfer from one database to another. The technology has made the business operations simple since the extracted data can be processed and be updated in another database.

The cost of using this technology is low thus making the approach favorable to business budgets. In addition, the time required to transfer the information is considerable thus avoiding delays in firm operations.Application interface level enterprise application helps the business through bringing many applications together. As a result, the interfaces accesses both business's simple information and process at the same time. The technology is useful since it enables information extraction from one application and format the information making it understandable by the application targeted, and after that, the information is transmitted (Trainor, Andzulis, Rapp, & Agnihotri, 2014).

Method level enterprise application is critical in enabling business logic sharing. Methods for other applications that exist within the enterprise are accessed thus enabling their sharing. Some of the mechanisms of methods sharing include TP monitors, distributed objects and application servers (Stark, 2015).User interface level enterprise application despite being a primitive approach plays an important role especially when developers use user interfaces to bring together applications to achieve common integration point.Middleware-enabled enterprise application assists the businesses to create new strategies through combination of existing enterprise application’s functionality, applications that are commercial packaged and new code using ordinary middleware. The technology provides smooth transmission of information enabling other applications to access their capabilities. Information from one enterprise application to another requires conversions and translations for it to be understandable to the targeted enterprise application.

All these capabilities are presented by middleware technologies as it enables business’s processes coordination (Trainor, Andzulis, Rapp, & Agnihotri, 2014).With enterprise applications, the relationships between the business and customers are improved. Existence of many departments within business means a customer may be required to use more than one department before the transaction is made. Therefore, through enterprise applications, the information a customer give to one department will not be asked again in the next department where it is required. The technology capabilities are able to recognize the products a customer had previously bought or any complaint raised from the previous transaction. As a consequence, the business can improve their services to customers thus promoting positive relationship (Khodakarami, & Chan, 2014).Through enterprise applications, accessibility of information required by customers is enabled where customers interact with the business via websites and call centers.

Thus, a customer can get any information concerning the business management, processes and products or services offered. The technology …

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