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The style is primarily impressionism is something ethereal, ephemeral, fleeting inexorably. This is an exciting moment that the eye barely manages to fix and which remains then in the memory as a moment of the highest harmony. Masters of Impressionism are famous for the ability to easily transfer this wonderful moment on the canvas, giving it tangible sensations and subtle vibrations that occur with all reality in the interaction in the picture. When you look at the work of prominent artists of this style it is always a certain aftertaste mood.

Impressionism is a direction in art that originated in France in the late 1860s. Its representatives have sought the most natural and impartially capture of the real world in its mobility and variability, to convey the fleeting impressions. Particular attention was paid to the transmission of light and color. At its best the catalogue offers social history, art history and a wealth of biographical and sociological detail, as well as a thorough study of each work (Tinterow & Loyrette). The word "impressionism" is derived from the name of Monet Impression. “Sunrise”, \that was presented at the exhibition in 1874. “Monet has a chapter to himself, followed by a conclusion that looks at the artists who followed the Impressionists achievements in this area” (Willsdon, 47).

A little-known journalist Louis Leroy in his magazine article called the artists "Impressionists" to express their disdain. However, the name stuck and lost its original meaning. Students will be able to read for themselves the criticisms aimed at these paintings by both critics and painters, for example Van Gogh’s initial reaction to Impressionism was not favorable: “one is very much disappointed, and thinks they are ugly, sloppily and badly painted, badly drawn and of poor color; everything that is miserable” (Denver, 21). The first important exhibition of the Impressionists took place in April 1874 in the studio of the photographer Nadir. There were 30 artists, who represented in total - 165 works. Young artists accused of "incompleteness" and "carelessness painting", lack of taste and meaning in their work, "the attempt to the true art of rebellious mood and even immorality. The leading representatives of Impressionism - Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Berthe Morisot, Alfred Sisley and Frédéric Bazille. Together with them, they exhibited their paintings Edouard Manet and Edgar Degas. Some of them were ranked as the Impressionists: James Whistler, Joaquin Sorolla, Konstantin Korovin.

Landscapes and scenes of urban life - perhaps the most characteristic genres of Impressionist painting - written "en plein air", directly from nature, and not on the basis of sketches and preparatory sketches. Impressionists closely scrutinized in nature, without colors and shades, usually invisible, such as blue in the shadows. Their artistic method consisted in the expansion of complex tones into their component pure colors of the spectrum. Impressionists imposed by individual strokes of paint, sometimes using contrasting colors in one area of the picture. The main feature of …

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