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Increased Emphasis on Physical Fitness

Most of the people know that being physically active is one of the most important facts of our health. There are a lot of special books, guidelines in the bookstores and Internet so as to be healthy. Everything starts in your childhood, and schools are an ideal place where you can be taught how to maintain your body, how to take care about yourself. There in the school you learn what active life means. First of all, doing sport helps youth improve their memory, they become more focused on tasks and their behavior is quite positive rather than their peers, who don’t do any physical exercises. Secondly, children who participate in more physical education, have better scores in their tests. It is worth noting that parents, school stuff and school leadership are the best patters of being healthy, so everyone should stimulate a child to do sport. Physical Activity helps to build strong bones and muscles; it decreases obesity, diabetes and heart disease. What is more, sport reduces anxiety and depression, thus a child or even adult feels better and their way of thinking is quite positive.

Have you ever pondered how much physical training does youth need?

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services points out that children should do 60 minutes or even more trainings every day. Physical activities include aerobic, muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening trainings. Aerobic activity implies that moderate- or vigorous intensity should be done every third day of the week. Aerobic activities are represented by biking, brisk walking, running, dancing and playing active games such as volleyball or tennis. As to muscle-strengthening activities, they include gymnastics, playing on a jungle gym or climbing on the trees for children. Speaking of adolescents, muscle-strengthening activities are represented by push-ups, pull-ups, and weightlifting exercises and it should be done trice a week. Bone-strengthening trainings should be done three times a week and include hopping, skipping, jumping, running, and sports like gymnastics, basketball, and tennis.

Many children and adolescents do not take a part in physical activities for one hour or even more even though health is very important for them. So as to promote them and support their physical training, some organizations have developed special toolkits, which highlight special strategies for schools, parents and communities how to maintain children’s health in a good way. These toolkits can be used by anyone, who interacts with children, and they can be adopted for various audiences, starting with children and finishing with adults.A great amount of researches has already been conducted and parents or teacher should use it so as to see a real situation in the society. It should encourage them to participate in different sportive competitions, attend sport clubs or do physical exercises at home. It is definitely not to be easy, because adult has to realize all advantages of sport and then he/she should convey that to his/her child or student. People should not forget that regular physical exercises improve the endurance, help to better control …

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