Individual Academic Critical Self Reflection and Personal Branding essay sample

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Individual Academic Critical Self Reflection and Personal Branding

My name is Zhaolong Cai, and in this report I will provide personal reflection on my professional development to the date and potential ways to improve personal branding based on professional objectives, considerations on personality traits and previously completed self-assessments. The objective of this report is to critically explore my strengths and weaknesses based on self-evaluation and assessments, and to find potential ways to leverage on identified strengths as well as to mediate awareness on weaknesses that could be seen as obstacles for my future career. The report consists of two main parts. In the first part, a reflection underpinned by the relevant academic theory will be provided, referring to the various areas such as assertiveness, emotional intelligence and communication. In the second part, I will describe how personal branding could be used to improve perception of myself as professional in business and management area based on my career aspirations and various tools which could be used to enhance my profile visibility for employers.Briefly about myself, I am 23 years old international student who currently pursues third degree, international business major. I am in my second year studies of MSc program at University of South Wales. I have chosen this direction of studies as I would like to keep up with the business of my father, which is furniture factory, as well as to potentially expand the scope of business operations. Thus, my current professional objective is to obtain profound knowledge in management area which I could further apply to the need of managing SME business.

Reflection on Professional Development

Moon (2004) described the nature and content of reflection as a form of mental processing which is applied when individuals do not have an obvious solution to some set of complex, poorly or not yet well structured ideas. It is suggested that reflections are required to reconsider the process of own learning and to construct meaningful observations which would be further used to create own behavioral theory and to engage in personal development (Moon, 2004). In academic research, this process has been extensively conceptualized into three models of reflective learning accommodating two frameworks providing guidance for specific reflection approach (Rolfe, Freshwater, & Jasper, 2011). Dewey’s model of reflective learning suggests that we can construct knowledge by actively reflecting on past and present experiences, and includes Gibb’s model to reflect in general and non-specific approach, as well as Stephenson’s framework to examine practice knowledge through researching consequences of actions (Lucas, 2012). Haberman’s model of critical reflection utilizes critical theory approach by separating three distinct areas of knowledge, specifically, technical, practical and emancipatory areas. Taylor’s and Kim’s frameworks applied to this model are both highly structured and associated with specific processes and activities (Lucas, 2012). Finally, Kolb’s model of reflexive learning utilizes experiential learning approach and includes Borton’s (basic) and Rolfe’s (expanded) frameworks which integrate thinking and practice (Lucas, 2012). Considering that at current stage of my life I am pursuing master’s degree without …

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