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The footwear industry is an important sector of the economy, which is producing consumer goods. Growth in the production of shoes requires significant improvements through the adaptation of the operation management to the process of shoes’ production (Plenkiewicz, 2010). There is a particular importance in the organizational and technical improvement of the production of the shoes’ details, which occupies an important place in the process of making shoes. Solving these problems requires a fundamental change in attitudes, a paradigm shift. The current paper will discuss the process of shoes’ production and offer recommendations for its improvement and higher resultatives. The current paper was based on the data, which was collected from the shoes’ factory operations and analysed with the use of the analytical, observational and modifying methodology, etc.

The process of the shoes’ production is rather important nowadays as people use it every day and this is a rather valuable area of production. The process of the shoes’ production should be analysed and improved in all possible ways often as this area is developing and always open for implementing of the new ideas, which can bring effective results.

The 4 v’s for the current paper are presented in the next way:

Volume – People all over the world use different shoes every day (high);

Variety – There is a big variety of the offered items, which is specific for this industry (big)Variation – The tastes are changed often (high)

Visibility – A high level of visibility by each user (high)

The performance of the process of the shoes’ production is presented through:

Quality – needs always improvements (the higher quality – the better)

Speed – time is crucially important (the faster – the better)

Dependability – depends on many factors and tastes, costs (high dependability)

Flexibility – requires including lots of aspects and features (the required high level of flexibility).

Discussion and Analysis

There are the operations of the process of the shoes’ production:

A: Running cut the flow at the request of the operator (The pads should be cleaned. To start the conveyor pads pick up on a style, size and fullness. They must be paired match the size of the workpiece, the wedges have proper locks, the upper platform and hub);

B: Duplicate items (The insole of fabric with a layer of thermoplastic adhesive adhered to the outer parts of the shoe upper without folds and wrinkles. The distance from the edges of the parts to the brim insole from the edges of the parts that fall under the line, connected with a seam);

C: Bending the edges of the visible parts of the top, cut-forefoot and decorative items (The width of the folded edge should be a norm. Folded edges must have the same width throughout the circumference.);

D: Spreads glue through the top and lining parts, drying (On the top side of backDownload Full Essay Show full preview


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