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Inductive and Deductive Research

Deductive or inductive research is one of the most common methods of general logical tools and research methods. Deduction and induction are very helpful for complex reasoning, which plays an important role in the process of acquiring new knowledge and building researches on its basis. In order to obtain the relevant and comprehensive mean of performing research, individuals have to understand the nature of these methods, their differences, and areas of implementation.

According to Earl R. Babbie (2008), inductive reasoning moves from particular to the general. The general knowledge is the starting point of deduction. It is the main argument, which is always ready to be implemented. Unlike deduction, induction moves from the particular to the general knowledge. In other words, it is a method of research, which focuses on the generalization of the results of observations and experiments. The main function of the induction in the research process is obtaining general propositions, which are commonly known as theoretical laws, hypotheses and generalizations. Moreover, the induction reveals the consistent pattern of general knowledge occurrence. In terms of research design, both methods dictate different approaches. The biggest advantage of deduction as a method of research is that the truth of the premises guarantees the truth of its conclusion.

Therefore, the deduction has tremendous power of persuasion. It is widely used not only to prove theorems in mathematics but also to provide researchers from any sphere with reliable knowledge. However, if compared to deduction, induction has a probabilistic nature, as the results can be both true and false. Thus, induction does not guarantee the attainment of truth, but only suggests it. It is a supplementary tool for every research.


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