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The Emergence of Homemade Cooking

The mid-twentieth century opened up the American food culture, as women in the kitchen were encouraged to explore various means of cooking, an aspect that drastically changed cooking styles employed by women within the home environment.

Most of the publications then that included cookbooks, magazine and cooking periodicals emphasized on homemade cooking as a primary tool to demonstrate love. For instance, Betty Furness was among the phenomenal authors during the 1950’s who asserted that women should explore new cooking recipes as a means to create pleasure and excitement at their homesteads (Endrijonas 161). This essay will expose how experimental cooking emerged as a crucial platform that any woman would adopt driven by the desire to express love within one’s homestead.

Betty Furness MessageDuring the 1950’s Betty Furness message to women was clear, exploring a new recipe that one felt timid about, was an elaborate approach of creating pleasure within one’s homestead as long as the woman would abide by the cookbook directions. This aspect drove women to explore various creative cooking ideas that were published in numerous cooking manuals.

The message by Furness was one that promoted the rise of experimental cooking since women perceived creative cooking as the only viable approach that would easily restore excitement at any woman’s homestead (Endrijonas 164). The ideology further cultivated the notion that women who possessed numerous cooking tips were the ideal mothers within homesteads since they possessed essential tricks that would hold a family together. The need to follow instructions was critical for women, who desired to learn of new cooking recipes given that straying from the cooking guides would result in a cooking disaster. The trend that gradually marketed experimental cooking gave rise to homemade cooking as the suitable approach that most women should strive to exemplify.

Impact on Women’s Perception

The teachings by Betty Furness shaped women’s perception of homemade cooking since most of the women explored the platform as a tool that would contextualize women’s lives. Gradually, cooking practices became interlinked with daily life practices given that it was a suitable platform that when effectively explored would reveal and cherish particularities of diverse cultures in different geographical settings. Endrijonas (163) asserts that women became drawn to homemade cooking propelled by the fact that it was a platform that enhanced the value of a woman. Most women, who prepared home cooked meals within their homesteads, placed an intrinsic value of their role in the house since they utilized the strategy to promote excitement and associated fun of trying out new meals within the family. Compelled by the given feature most ladies gradually up took homemade cooking from the belief it was an approach that would elevate their value within the homestead. Secondly, women became more cautious and confident in the kitchen environment. A good number of the women who up took homemade cooking ensured they followed the recipes to the latter to deter the possibility of error manifestation. The fact that most of the cookbooks during …

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