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Influential Works of Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong lived as one of the most influential jazz musicians of all times. He was born on August 4th, 1901 and passed on July 6th, 1971. Armstrong was known to produce several albums during his time as a jazz musician that aided in shaping jazz music worldwide. As such, this paper will look at two albums of Armstrong; “Ella and Louis” and “The Real Ambassadors” in depth and decide on the album that had an impact on my life. Produced in 1956, “Ella and Louis” was produced and ended marking the history of music. It is noted that most albums mark decades, others generations while few change the history of music. “Ella and Louis” is noted to be one of the few musical albums to have left a significant mark in history. In the rise of musical tunes focusing on race were produced in the late 1920s, success in relation to the music could not be predicted. The minority black community had limitations in conducting their records, hence limited copies were sold.

Armstrong had a voice that could not be matched. He expressed a raspy, deep-drawling singing voice that would contrast perfectly with peasant voices of the likes of Robert Johnson. In addition, as a way of instilling originality on his songs, Armstrong played the cornet that made him have an edge over the rest who played the famous piano and guitar. Produced by Verve, Fitzgerald and Armstrong can be seen to hold perfect chemistry from the beginning of their album song “Can’t we be friends”. Ella is noted to have an airy innocent voice that perfectly complements Armstrong’s warm and friendly voice. In the song, it can be seen that Ella is portrayed as a woman that is slipping up with her love while Armstrong comes out as this man who is afraid to ask Ella to be his woman. It is a part that provides perfect contrast, enhancing their contrasting voices into place.In the same album, “Cheek to Cheek” is portrayed as a charming musical composition where Ella and Louis share intimacy that is only seen by lovers who have been together for a long period of time. More lessons in relation to cavalry and panache can be seen in the composition “Cant’s Take That Away From Me”. In this album, it is clear that Ella was an influential, vital for the album. It is noted that there is no other jazz album that expresses chemistry between two people in the same way that was expressed in “Ella and Louis”. It is an album that is believed to be over the top in relation to the chemistry that could ever exist between two jazz musicians.

As such, it opened ways for other Jazz musicians to collaborate with people of contrasting voices, resulting into the development of musical pieces that were unique. In addition, this album paved way for other female jazz musicians to be appreciated. It is worth noting that …

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