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Information System in Organization

Every company or organization must have well-organized information system. But sometimes it can be problems. The last ones which happened in the payroll department are the most serious because they can influence not only particular employee but the whole business. The payroll department works closely with human resources department on the issue of leave requests. For example, “fourteen of the most competitive countries guarantee annual leave from work with pay” (Heymann & Earle, 2010, p.56). If the leave requests are categorized or recorded incorrectly, it needs to pay attention to the stages of this process and at which stage the errors are appeared. Potential solutions for these problems can be changing the form for leave request or adding the extra verification of it. For example, employee make a leave request, the relevant department check it and also send notification about category of leave request to the employee backward.In this situation, obviously, the person who nominates the type of request without necessary knowledge must be responsible for the wrong result. The last one impacts on business profitability.

Potential solution is improving the supporting procedures. The organization is recommended to hold a workshop or a seminar about requests rules. Another solution is linked to the verification procedure of leave request before its record. In other words, organization should arrange several buffer zones that would have checked the information flows from the previous stages. The specialist Liff wrote: “Use a simple grid to help you identify the gaps between each process desired outcome and actual performance” (Liff, 2011, p.48). Thus, the following stages are no longer able to multiply more errors.Detection and distribution of information can be improved by using effective notification system or dashboards. There are a lot of applications that can help control information flows between employees from different departments. As a rule, implementation of such application or another product is expensive, but organization can prevent any of the same mistakes more than once in the system and, as a result, save money.


Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a business or public organizations that do not use technologies and information systems. The term of “information system” represents the aggregate of all amounts of information, a variety of economic and mathematical methods and models of different types (hardware and software), a variety of technological tools and, above all, the specialists themselves. All of this is designed to handle large volumes of information efficiently and further making important managerial decisions. Information system, as a rule, should decide the major current tasks of both strategic and tactical planning, accounting and operational management of the organization. The main functions of well-performing information system are the following:to balance the main used resources of the organization (material, financial and human);to estimate potential results of managerial decisions;to control costs of services/products efficiently;to monitor implementation of decisions and plans;to provide highly efficient use of the resources.

Thus, the organization can get a lot of benefits if its information system is well performing. Generally, good performance looks …

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