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Student’s NameProfessor’s NameSubjectDD Month YYYY"Night Terrors" Informative Speech Analysis I have chosen “Night Terrors” informative speech as an example of explanatory public speech, as it explains the state of topic to the audience in order for them to be acquainted with the problem. The thesis statement is that it be a deep psychological problem, people should know more about “night terrors” as one cannot be certain to know to whom and when it can happen.A speaker, who is a woman, emphasizes the aspects of the issue as well as provides clear examples so that to have better understanding of “night terrors.” The primary source for this speech is the experience of the speaker, as in the introduction she mentions that she had such problem in her childhood. The secondary source, which the woman uses, is a research, made by Dr. Richard Ferber, the director of the Sleep disorders Department at Children's Hospital Boston.The body of the speech is well structured, as it describes step-by-step what “night terror” is, the reasons for it and how it can be cured. The speaker presents her speech according to topical patterning. Additionally, the woman follows her informative speech by different types of supporting materials, namely abovementioned examples, definition of the issue being discussed, statistics on target audience of the issue, at the same time accompanying her speech with the pertinent illustrations in her screen presentation. If to compare with other informative presentations seen before, the speaker in this one does not read the text and neither does she use look-&-say method of public speaking. Her speech is clear and moderate, while her voice is neither loud nor quite. Thus, although she lost her thoughts for one moment, her speech is a good example of informative Public Speaking.Works CitedBelmontSpeechLab. “Informative Speech: "Night Terrors”. Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 2008. Web. 11 Oct. 2015. Retrieved from: Ferber, Richard. Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems. New York: Fireside Book, 2006. …
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