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Different people have different ways of learning new concepts or enhancing the knowledge they have in different fields. Different people may find that they have a dominant way of learning. Learning styles influence us greatly than we may know. They define how we internalize information and experiences. There are no fixed learning styles, or either of them is the right one. It is important for individuals to identify which learning style works for them best. This paper is going to talk about different learning styles, explaining their pros and cons.Learning styles can be defined as different ways or methods that individuals use to acquire new information. Before the 70’s, people had not fully embraced the idea of individualized learning.

This mode of learning received much criticism from other educators’ one of them being wastage of time. In 1970 to 1978, the idea of individualized learning became common and was received positively. Despite the criticisms, the individualized learning was a great success in the education sector. The proponents of the individualized styles suggested that it was important for teachers to identify which learning style was best suited for students and incorporate it in classroom methods. The most common learning styles are visual learning, auditory learning, and kinesthetic learning. These are the common learning styles although there are others such as logical learning, solitary learning, and social learning. Visual learning is whereby students learn by use of visual aids such as paintings, sculptures, shapes and pictures.

The kinds of learners who prefer this kind of learning have a clear memory where they tend to remember images more than writings. These students tend to prefer school work that involves graphs, maps, symbols, and diagrams. For such students, the teachers summarize the class work in charts and diagrams for the students to remember the concepts. These scholars tend to perform well in mathematics, geography, and chemistry than other subjects (Kolb, A. Y., & Kolb, D. A., 2005).The other type of learning is auditory learning. Auditory learning can be defined as the kind of learning where students tend to grasp more for the teacher when he or she is teaching. These kinds of students tend to gain more through discussions, tapes and lectures. These students tend to be very keen in class when the teacher is teaching since they gain more from listening than from their personal studying. They tend to engage in discussions and attending lectures when learning.

To accommodate such learners, the teachers may create audio tapes for them which they use during their revision time (Dunn & Griggs, 2000). The other kind of learning is kinesthetic learning. Kinesthetic learning is unique since it involves learning through experiences. It can be defined as whereby students learn through experiences such as gestures, object manipulation, body movement and positioning. These kinds of students are curious by nature. They tend to acquire more knowledge through the active exploration of the world. They do well in science projects since they take part in deriving the conclusions …

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