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Integrated Marketing Communications

The various tools used to disseminate communication about an organization’s offerings vary in the extent to which they can effectively inform and persuade consumers about the products and services on offer. These differences tend to be such that where one mechanism is weak on a particular aspect, there will be another that will be strong on that same aspect, thus setting it off and acting as a complete. Integrating the various marketing communications tools therefore ensures that synergies are created among these tools so that organizational efforts at communicating various aspects of its offerings yield the maximum level of results that can possibly be achieved (Belch 2014; Chitty 2015).

The various marketing communication channels available to a firm are advertising, public relations, direct marketing, packaging, sales promotion and personal selling. A key determinant of the communications mix to employ is the target audience. Marketing communications are highly likely to yield maximum impact if they are tailored to the specific attributes of the target audience (Kitchen & Burgmann, 2004). Determining the attributes of the target audience itself requires an analysis of the group itself so that a complete picture of their demographic characteristics, such as age and education level, geographical region of residence are obtained. Additionally, target audience analysis enables knowledge to be gained regarding the kinds of media with which the members of the target audience engage on a regular basis. After the audience has been understood, the next concern becomes the message that one intends to convey to their chosen audience. Messages vary in their complexity, implying that the means utilized in conveying them should vary as well.

For example, some messages require a demonstration to be performed if they are to be communicated effectively. In such an instance, advertising through the television may be appropriate. Where the target audience does not view television on a highly frequent basis, TV advertising may be complemented with personal selling, whereby the sales representative can perform a physical demonstration of what they intend to communicate. Target faces the problem of low awareness of its online collection of goods. This is surprising when the high brand awareness that it enjoys is taken into consideration. The existing mobile phone app could be leveraged in order to make a turnaround in this regard. In addition, Target may also bank on its existing clientele in order to reinforce its promise of an awesome shopping experience. The issue as it currently revolves around low awareness of the app, as indicated by non-exposure to the app among most of the college students who formed the subjects of the primary research. Marketing communications should therefore aim at building awareness about the mobile application, which may stimulate usage of the application among the students and ultimately create favorable attitudes regarding the app among the students.

Advertising, direct marketing and personal selling will be helpful in delivering this awareness. Advertising should be mainly done on digital media, specifically on the television. The adverts should be carried at a …

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