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Law enforcement is one of the most complicated career paths in the world. The life of law enforcement officer is riddled with immense conflict, danger, scrutiny and ever-evolving challenges that test hi/her day-to-day activities. According to society, however, a law enforcement officer has the obligation to serve others even when he/she does not appreciate it.

In the daily activities of the policing profession, temptations that lure the law enforcement officer to engage in irregular behavior always occur and recur. As a result, all police officer/law enforcement officer requires being steadfast in his/her values and principles to avoid jeopardizing their duties and obligations. Stability in principles is important since when they conflicted, the results might threaten the integrity, accountability and respect that is the homage to law enforcement and policing agencies. In this paper, I will explore the concept of integrity and how it is primal to the creation of a stellar law enforcement department. The word integrity draws its origin from the Latin word, Integer that means whole/full or completeness.

In the Latin context, integrity referred to an individual’s wholeness. In essence, integrity made the individual honest and consistent in his/her character. An individual with integrity upholds his/her values, beliefs and principles and acts accordingly. Today, integrity refers to the qualities of honesty and the adherence to strong moral principles. In other words, integrity is moral uprightness. The model quality of integrity has been desirable since time immemorial, as man has always aspired to achieve it due to its immaculate beauty and appeal.In an article featured on the Law website Cluck Klein stated that Integrity, courage, and allegiance define a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) (Klein para.1).

According to Klein, a law enforcement officer should subscribe to the three ideals if he/she is to fulfill his/her duties, roles, and obligations successfully. Klein defines integrity as a strong, unyielding loyalty to a code of moral decency. Police officers with integrity should, in essence, embrace ethical conduct in both their personal and professional lives as one affects the other and vice versa. Integrity has received focal focus from both lobbyists and police administration since it determines the relationships between the police officers and the community.Recruitment and TrainingThe issue of integrity and model policing is important during the formational stages of law enforcement officers. Groups like the COPS Office and other law enforcement partners tackle integrity and its forms through the selection and training of officers hence ensuring that integrity enculturates into the police culture. During recruitment exercises, the strategic plan involves the preference for individuals who are service oriented to guarantee best practices.

Also, the applications of candidates who opt to bribe officials to gain an advantage over their peers face nullification and prosecution since their integrities are false. Additionally, in police academies, new recruits receive exposure from both academy and field training. Even though the two departments are different, both stand for the adoption of values that are steadfast and appropriate for LEO’s. The training in …

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