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Internal Drivers of Quality

Healthcare sector is one of the most sensitive areas that need a careful analysis so as to ensure that the quality services are provided and retain existing and potential clients as well. As the healthcare sector has become more impersonal, competitive and expensive, patients often complain. When the patients’ complaints are managed well, individuals and institutions will benefit from the provision of quality healthcare.

One of the methods of analyzing problems that affect the physicians such as the reasons for non-compliance. The reasons should be broken down into departments since every department has its uniqueness. The cause analysis should be narrowed down to physical, human and organizational objectives. The physical causes include inefficiency of hospital equipment and infrastructural breakdown. Human causes include improper training and reluctance of physicians.

Organizational causes include systems, processes or policies that physicians apply in decision making or perform their duties may be faulty. For example, one or two physicians have been defiling the organization’s guidelines and no action has been taken making their colleagues follow their steps since they know that they will not be reprimanded. The data to base arguments include registers, customers’ feedback analysis and analysis of the number of return customers and referrals. The records will be used to assess the truancy or physicians who report late to work. The register will also be used to know the number of times a doctor has attended to his or her patients since all physicians are required to sign daily attendances to their patients. The management will also rely on the customers’ feedback from hospital’s drop boxes, correspondences and social media pages among others are sources of evidence. These comments, especially on social media can affect the organization’s public image as they are highly accessible to anybody who follows the pages. On the other hand, private correspondences are safe since they are only available to relevant authorities (Reader, Gillespie & Roberts, 2014).

Nonetheless, they should be handled with the care they deserve since they may affect customers’ referrals as these can become potential customers. Noncompliance with the required guidelines has both financial and clinical consequences, some of which are irreversible and may cause the patients their lives. Careless handling of clients may lead to litigation on both the organization and the physician as well. For example, when a patient is not attended to in time, the patient’s condition may deteriorate and the doctor, alongside the organization may be sued for damages.

This is likely to hurt the organization’s public image and affects sales level. Consequently, it may take long to repair the already tainted image. Prevention is always better than cure. Moreover, the government may close the organization until an investigation is carried out to assess the cause of the damage. Low clients’ turnout means that there will be a decrease in profit margin, and this would affect the day-to-day running of the organization (Moynihan & Titley, 2000).For example, the organization will be unable to pay the workers including the physicians in …

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