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Internal Recruiter Interview and Report

The success of any business is based on a timely building of the right workforce. However, the recruitment process and group’s selection of employees who will stick to the objectives of the business can be tiring and unachievable. Consequently, most companies resort to the individual counting of workers to help in identifying the gaps to be filled. To achieve this task, the company needs to identify various jobs and roles in the organization in meeting the present and future goals concerning production and growth. A clear and concise job outlines and responsibilities ensure that the recruitment is reorganized and targeted (Deards & Springs, 2014).

The employees’ motivations in Global Delivery Company is based on their performances regarding production. Promotion and salary increment reward employees. However, there are some non-monetary systems put in place to reward hardworking employees such as educational scholarships to employees and their families. On the other hand, employees who lost property in the course of their duties are compensated. Such compensations include providing financial assistance to the members of their families in case of death or physical injuries to the employees. Internal recruitment strategy is applied in a situation where company’s employees are promoted to fill up the vacant posts (Brown, 2011). This is because the company consider the internal promotion of its employees as fair and helps it in filling the positions faster while consistently performing.

Global Delivery Company applies this strategy, especially where the top management positions have been left vacant. The assistant managers who have served in the company for more than five years are automatically promoted to fill up the position left by their seniors provided they have clean records and enough qualifications. This is because they are assumed to have enough knowledge about the company. Nonetheless, an assistant manager can occupy the position left vacant in an acting capacity. On the other hand, lower management positions are filled from external sources. Positions for support staff and supervisors are always advertised for the public to apply. According to the company’s policies, the posts are advertised since experience is not a necessarily required. According to an internal recruiter within the company, Global Delivery Company recruits its employees in time to fill in vacant positions. This is because the company is committed to the continuous delivery of its services, therefore, does not want any hurdle such as labor shortage in the production process. In the recruitment process, the company ensures that there is gender balance among the employees. This is consistent with the company’s values on gender parity.

On the other hand, the employees sign a renewable five years’ contract for senior level employees and two years’ contact with lower level management. The renewal and consequent retention are based on the employees’ performance. Additionally, the company applies open vacancies versus positions filled strategy due to its large size. The company’s scale of production is increasing annually forcing it to increase its workforce to cater for the growing labor demand. Even though internal …

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