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Table of Contents

The E-Marketing Concepts and Elements

Compare Internet Marketing Tools – E-Tools

Examine Interactive Order Processing

Website Promotion Proposal

Write the Copy For a Suitable Opt-In E-mail Marketing Newsletter


E-Marketing Plan

The E-Marketing Concepts and Elements

Explain the Elements of Internet Marketing

The customer acceptance of the Internet as a place for a purchase has increased very quickly over the last twenty years. The example is the development of eBay from the launching in 1995, without a single visitor during first 24 hours, to the business with total revenue of 8,7 billion in 2012 (Chaffey, 2013). First of all it is necessary to define, what e-marketing is and explain its elements. According to Chaffey, digital marketing (or e-marketing) is management and execution of marketing by means of electronic media (Chaffey D, 2008). Electronic media comprise web, e-mail, interactive television and wireless data. Chaffey identifies digital marketing as the part of e-business, which is connected with selling, rather than with procurement. The notion of e-business is mostly used interchangeably with the notion of e-commerce. Both notions of e-commerce and e-business refer to electronically mediated informational exchange. E-business is a little broader notion, which comprises internal and external exchange of a certain organisation. E-commerce comprises only external exchange (Chaffey, 2009). Thus, E-business encompasses e-commerce and digital marketing relates to both e-commerce and e-business. In fact, all the three terms are used to utter the idea of internet marketing (Chaffey, 2009). As argued by Chaffey, microeconomic environment of internet marketing is represented by suppliers, competitors, intermediaries and customers (2008). Macroeconomic environment is represented by political, economic, sociocultural and technological factors. The benefits of Internet marketing to the business of any size are the following: the possibility to increase the scope of company’s reach, the possibility to make a purchase immediately after an idea is generated, the increased possibility of finding the target audience for a certain product, the possibility to adapt to the environment, the wide range of interactive customer service tools and the possibilities for the feedback to actuate the marketing loop operation.Evaluate the Internet Marketing MixMarketing mix is a concept of customer offering constituent elements used by practitioners to formulate the ideas of marketing strategy to each other and to analyses or implement the marketing strategy (Chaffey D, 2008).

The contemporary seven elements, such as Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence, give envisioned description of the customer offering to marketing managers. Internet marketing mix represents a very favorable framework for a good customer offering. As argued by Chaffey, Internet can give the following advantages to the Product element of marketing mix: possibility to diversify the core product, possibility to diversify the extended product, possibility for easy online research about product, possibility for quick development of new product and possibility for quick propagation of new product (2008). eBay provides a diversified core product of providing virtual marketplace and virtual communication services (Friesner, 2014). The …

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