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Interview Paper


My task is to interview an elderly person. For this purposes I’ve chosen a certain male subject, whom I call Bob out of convenience (though it’s not his real name). I am trying to find out his state of mental and physical health, find out what he does or does not to keep himself in shape and how all of this influences his life. In the end, I design some improvements that would help Bob be a healthier, happier and overall a well-functioning person in his old age.


Part 1

The person, whom I have interviewed, is a 75 Caucasian male. As all personal information is considered to be private, no real name or location is included. However, for the purpose of easily addressing the subject, his name throughout the paper will be Bob (not real, of course). Bob has a higher education and masters in engineering. He spend bulk of his life working on complex machines made for war purposes and because of his job also traveled around the world extensively. Subject is married (quite happily, according to his words), have kids and grandkids. Surprisingly, Bob have never suffered from any serious health issues, other than minor problems with heart, back and bones, which are typical for a man of his age and profession. No prominent mental problems. Overall, man I have interviewed is a great example of a healthy, strong, confident elder individual, who managed to keep himself in a pretty decent shape.

Part 2

Bob is married, and has been for over 40 years. According to him, he is quite happy in his marriage, although he and his wife have and occasional quarrel from time to time. Although he is quite certain that “you can only say you are still in love, if you are capable of arguing over some minor things every now and again”. According to what I have learned and Bob’s attitude towards marriage and also some personal observations, I can be almost absolutely sure that subject’s marital status only helps with his overall excellent physical and mental health.Bob have two children – a boy and a girl, or rather a man and a woman, though he is still referring to them as “kids”. They both are married, and have children of their own (so Bob has quite a few grandchildren. Son lives overseas and daughter just a few miles away, but is not uncommon for them to all gather together for a family holydays (approx. twice a year).Bob is a big movie fan, so every week he goes out with his wife to watch some film or another. Also once a week he gathers with his old friends to play poker, reminisce about old days and talk over modern state of society. Once a month or twice a month he has a big gathering with all the friends, their families and neighbors over a dinner. Also from time to time he likes to travel with wife and friends or kids – another great passion …

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