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Introducing a Companywide Compliance System


Introducing a Companywide Compliance System

Project Description: Information technology changes business operations (Arasteh et al., 2010). The use of technological devices promotes innovation and increases the company’s competiveness (Sorensen & Shklovski, 2011).

The effective implementation of information technology and technological devices depends on staff training. The rollout of a companywide compliance system is carried out only after training managers who communicate changes to subordinates. The preparatory course includes 10 hours of training. During it, mangers will familiarize with a new platform. They will also host new compliance policies to be introduced to the company.Stakeholders: The effectiveness of the training course depends on cooperation between stakeholders. The training session involves the cooperation of IT specialists, HR experts, company managers, and CEO. IT specialists design and launch the new platform. Their major responsibilities include preparation of guidelines for working with the platform, ensuring its smooth operation, and addressing technical issues that may arise while using the platform.

HR experts develop and carry out a training course. The tasks that are set before HR experts include transferring information about the platform to company managers and encouraging cooperation between them. At the end of the training session, HR experts collect feedback on the use of the platform.Company managers are responsible for a deep understanding of how the new platform works and how it benefits the overall organizational performance. They also introduce the compliance policies and ensure their implementations across the company. CEO studies managers’ feedback on the new platform. He ensures that the limitations that have been identified in the training session are addressed.

Objective and Outcomes of Training: The training session sets two main objectives. The first objective is to train company managers to use the new platform. The second objective is to agree on compliance policies. By the end of the training session, managers will be able to use the new platform. They will also introduce compliance policy and ensure its implementation across the company.

Indicators of Success: The training session is considered successful if its major objectives are achieved. Firstly, managers are proficient in the new platform. Secondly, managers provide an accurate feedback on the platform. Thirdly, managers design compliance policy that will be introduced in the company. Fourthly, managers facilitate implementation of the platform across the company.

Measurable Organizational Value: MOV

Week 1

100% of managers are familiar with a new platform. They are able to identify its strengths and emphasize limitations in terms of efficient organizational workflow.

Week 2

100% of managers demonstrate proficiency in the platform. 90%-100% of managers agree on the compliance policy.

Week 3

90%-100% of managers provide their feedback on using the platform to facilitate organizational performance.

Week 4

100% of collected responses are analysed. Required changes are made.

Week 5-Week 6

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