The history of slavery and discuss the ways in which this history impacts contemporary society essay sample

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Slavery can be described as an economic or legal structure in which the principles of property ownership and exchange can apply to human beings, and the slaves cannot withdraw individually from the arrangement. The owner of a slave is usually entitled to the slave’s labor without compensation, and the slaves’ rights and protection are stipulated by laws and customs which may vary depending on the place and time. A person can become a slave when they are captured, bought or born under certain circumstances. This form of slavery is known as chattel or traditional slavery and is the least common today. Chattel slavery is illegal in all countries, although there are modern forms of slavery which involve forced labor, non-remuneration, and the inability of the person to withdraw from the arrangement at will. As per the analysis of the Global Slavery Index (2013), there are approximately 20 to 36 million humans living as slaves in the world today.Chattel slavery has been practiced in many countries and cultures for centuries, and its effects are still evident today in modern society. The motive of this study is to explore the effects of chattel slavery on contemporary society, both positive and negative and analyze the overall impact of slavery in the modern society. Although there are some positive implications of slavery especially in the economic and cultural sense, the general effects of slavery have been more detrimental than beneficial to society as a whole.History of Slavery in Different CountriesSlavery has existed in almost every continent in different times in the past. Various countries had different rules and regulations regarding slavery and the relationships between slaves and their masters. Also, even though most slaves were of African origin, other countries including the Middle East also sold slaves to different parts of the world since slavery was the main source of labor. With the rapid expansion of agricultural plantations in North America, the demand for slaves increased drastically, changing the social dynamics and the norms of the slave trade between continents.

Slavery in Europe

Slavery in Europe began as early as Mycenaean Greece where slavery was considered natural and necessary for economic growth. Rome also picked the concept of slavery from the Greeks and Phoenicians and as the Roman Republic expanded, more slaves were acquired to work in the farms and households. Roman armies enslaved entire populations from all over Europe, and the Mediterranean and the rampant oppression led to several slave revolts with the Third Servile War being the most notable and severe. Slaves from ethnic groups such as Greeks, Thracians, Celts, Jews and Arabs among others were used for labor and entertainment, for instance as gladiators and sex slaves. Slavery in the middle ages continued between Christians, and Muslims, who were constantly at war and the winner, would capture slaves and sell them to potential buyers in Europe.In the modern era, several European nations engaged in slave trading to acquire labor for their colonies. Spain, …

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