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Is God Just Or Merciful

What is the most important characteristic (attribution) of their god according to that religion?One of the most important and frequently cited characteristics of God is His mercy. "The tendency to forgive and not to punish" - that is the usual define of the word "mercy". But in Islam, mercy has a deeper meaning, which gave birth to an important feature in the life of every Muslim, for the manifestation of which he is rewarded by God. Mercy of God, embracing all of His creations, we can see in everything that can only reach our eyes: in the sun that warms and illuminates our world, in the air and water that are vital to all of us. In the Koran there is a whole chapter, named for the great character of God - Ar-Rahman ("Merciful").

Also two attributes of God are derived from the word "mercy". They are Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim, which means "Gracious" and "Merciful". These characters listed in the phrase, uttered in the beginning of the 113 verses of the Qur'an: "In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful." This phrase is a constant reminder to the reader about the boundless mercy, and great gifts of God.Is divine interaction with human beings retributive or distributive?Divine interaction with human beings is retributive. It was said in Qur'an: "Whatever spoils given by Allah to His Messenger from townspeople belongs to Allah and to the Messenger, and to the nearest of kin, and to the orphans, and the indigent, and the wayfarer, so that it may not circulate amongst the rich of you. And what the Messenger gives you, take it then; but forsake what he forbids you. And venerate Allah, for He is stern in retribution." (59:7).

In Islam, God sends to hell those who he wants and pulls out those who he wants. Allah is the lord and the man is servant. Everyone just comes to Allah as a slave (19.88-93). God has a supernatural puissance, and he shares his omnipotence with no one. He looks like fearsome lord, who extends his power to all living, and severely punishes for deviating from his messages.

What does this religion say about Jesus?

Koran knows about Jesus much more than about the other prophets. His name is mentioned in the Quran 25 times. Islam teaches that Jesus - is a prophet, one of the greatest and most powerful spirits of God's messengers, like Noah, Abraham, Moses and Muhammad. In addition, Islam recognizes that Jesus is "the Messiah." The essence of the Prophet Jesus does not contradict Islamic doctrine of the oneness of God, the divine guide of all the prophets and the sameness of the message with which they come to mankind. Despite the opposition of Islam in relation to the basic Christian doctrines the Qur'an acknowledges the properties and virtues of Christ, putting him on a higher level than man. These features were revealed in His life and behavior, in his sermons and his personality. When we compare …

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