Is war necessary? Must we resort to violence to reach satisfying resolutions to conflict? essay sample

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Is war necessary? Must we resort to violence to reach satisfying resolutions to conflict?

War existed throughout the history of mankind. People are the only species on Earth that have created a whole institute of wars - tradition, rituals, political concepts, philosophy and even the direction in art.It is natural to assume that if there is war, it means that it plays an important role in the development of civilization. “Thus, for war to occur with rational actors, at least one of the sides involved has to expect that the gains from the conflict will outweigh the costs incurred” (Matthew, 2).

It is interesting to consider the basic functions of the war on macro and micro-social level. Of course, these functions can be identified quite a lot. In this case, one cannot just list them, but also should build a kind of range, to consider the group aspirations, needs and functional conditioning of the war from the perspective of how deeply it is rooted in the conscious and unconscious parts of the personality and society.The first layer in the motivation of a war is determined by direct and accessible reasons for its realization. The most important of them are:- The need to capture new resources: territories, natural resources, slaves (cheap labor), and so on. - The need to combat overpopulation. Ultimately, the reason is related to the first - overpopulation leads to the depletion of resources and problems of a psychological coexistence. War, in any case, solves the problem. The winner captures resources and territories; the loser loses a significant portion of the population.- The need to "reset" of the society, which differs by too high passionarity that is too large reserve of vital energy and, as a consequence, restlessness, a desire for adventure, risk, seeking higher goals, and so on. For a society it is always easier to send these people to the crusade, than to find a place for them in the structure of society.

Throughout human history, these were the main reasons for the outbreak of an absolute majority of the wars. Of course, officially declared the slogans have always been rich and diverse, but these reasons were dominant at the beginning of serious and long-term military companies. “It is worth recalling, before turning to more recent history, that knowledge acquired in making weapons played an important role in the industrial revolution” (Ruttan, 4).The main reason for war is lagging behind the progress in the field of personal and spiritual development of most of the modern industrial society from the technological and social progress. In other words, for a variety of historical reasons, in the western (industrial) society the main development was the adaptive layer model of consciousness and self-identity associated with it. In the structure of the human perception of the Western-dominated model, the idea of absolute interconnection of phenomena and "holistic" transpersonal view of the world has not been sufficiently developed. Thus, the deep structures of consciousness poorly understood and often shielded and replaced them …

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