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Islam teaches its adherents to walk the straight path. It means to know and to follow five major laws of the religion that are commonly referred to as the Five Pillars of Islam. For me, Zakat and Haji are the most intriguing pillars, as they help Muslims across the world feel a united community.

Zakat involves giving 2.5% of an individual’s savings to the poor and needy. There are several interesting things about this Muslim tradition. Firstly, Zakat is an attempt to compensate for the uneven distribution of resources among people. While paying Zakat, Muslims seek to restore social justice in a particular community. The idea of Zakat is very simple, and it can be easily adopted by adherents of any other religion or atheists. Secondly, Zakat is only distributed in the community from which it was taken. This way, Muslims ensure sustainability of their communities. Zakat ensures the rational use of resources to benefit the community.

Hajj is another intriguing pillar of Islam that involves a pilgrimage to the city of Mecca. A Muslim is expected to visit Mecca at least once in his or her life to be called a hajj or a hajja. I suggest that a trip to Mecca is intriguing for two major reasons. Firstly, visiting Mecca helps an individual to feel a part of some greater community, which is suggested a fulfilling experience. Secondly, a visit the holy city becomes the most important goal in life, a dream to be realized in spite of everything. I believe that living with the knowledge that your dream will come true one day is a wonderful experience.

Zakat and Hajj play a key role in the life of Muslims making them feel full members of a unite community. Contributing to community and facilitating its sustainability are fulfilling experiences that make Islam one of the most widespread world …

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