IT Governance and decision making process for smooth interaction in commonwealth bank essay sample

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Key words: IT governance, decision-making processes, interaction.

The following research proposal focuses on the topic “IT governance and decision making process for smooth interaction in Commonwealth Bank.” The research seeks to fill the existing research gap in the area of IT governance in the bank by focusing on all of the three mechanisms of IT governance and the way they influence and interact with decision making process. The comprehensive analysis helps to develop the complex strategy of the interaction, which would enable the successful achievement of goals and strategies of the enterprise.

Given that the IT governance is the ultimate responsibility of the executive management as well as the board of directors, current scholarly literature focuses on the structure mechanism of it. The research methods suggested for the fulfillment of aforementioned research aim will encompass not only the structure mechanism, but also the relational and processes mechanism on the national level limited to the enterprise and, therefore, fill the research gap.

IT Governance and Decision Making Process for Smooth Interaction in Commonwealth Bank

Aims of the research

The current research is devoted to the topic of the IT governance. It seeks to provide the comprehensive analysis of the specifics of work and implementation of the IT governance in commonwealth bank as well as to enlighten the tools, problems and difficulties arising in decision-making process from the perspective of the smooth interaction of the IT government in the bank. There is a research gap in the sphere of IT governance and decision making in Commonwealth bank as the structure mechanism is mostly the central focus of scholarly articles. The research also seeks to fully cover not only the structure mechanism but also the processes mechanism and the relational mechanism in order to fill the existing research gap.

The research aims to develop the complex profound strategy of the smooth interaction of IT governance and decision-making processes in Commonwealth Bank.Out of the outlined aims of the research, the following research questions can be formulated:- Which positive effect on the performance of the Commonwealth bank the smooth interaction of IT governance and decision making will have?- What are the obstacles arising on the way to interaction?- Which strategy can be developed to ensure the interaction of IT governance and the productive cooperation of its mechanisms?

Background IT governance involves structure mechanisms, processes mechanisms and relational mechanisms, where structure mechanism is the most visible organizational asset encompassing the roles responsible for IT decision-making (Almeida, R. et al., 2013, 45). The smooth interaction of IT governance and decision-making processes requires the cooperation between the three types of mechanisms so that the structure mechanism performs an organizational function and directly participates in decision-making, processes mechanism ensures the consistency between daily behavior and IT policies, and relational mechanisms are occupied with the ITG framework. Given that the decision-making processes make the significant impact on portfolio prioritization, investment decisions and …

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