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Job Posting Search

For this analysis, I have chosen two jobs related to Human Rights and Public Order protection. The first one is the position of Criminal Intelligence Analyst at Interpol, world’s largest police organization. The General Secretariat of Interpol is located in Lyon, France, and is aimed to connect police and make the world safer by constant improving of security matters. The responsibilities of the Criminal Intelligence Analyst are "to perform analysis on matters relating to the structure, activities and development of transnational crime ... and contribute to the further development of criminal intelligence analysis".

The second one is the position of Intern at The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The aim of this organization is to protect all human rights all over the world. The key responsibility of the employee is to develop and manage project plans, and provide OHCHR and the United Nations Human Rights with the mechanisms of assistance and contribution of outstanding young students or graduates. The understanding and support of the team I am working at is the most important factor for me as employee while choosing my working place. That’s because it is very difficult for me to implement my plans into the life, though I am very good in generating ideas. So the biggest challenge for me is to get the fate of the "lower" and subordinate, as I immediately start criticizing and giving comments on the improvement of working process. Nevertheless, I may be very useful at protecting human rights due to my ability to hold firm ground in rational debates, advocating the interests of others as my own.

Though on the first sight it may seem that I am no on the right major for my dream job, in fact that is not true. The knowledge which I will gain through my bachelor's degree program may be perfectly applied in daily professional life on both of these positions.

Still, to be perfect candidate for one of these positions I must improve some of my skills. I need to improve my knowledge of one of the language these organizations are requiring to speak fluently (I think it will be Arabic). In addition, I am not very good in analyzing and drafting regional threat assessment and discrimination processes, as well as I am not very good in understanding of international states' policy. In addition, it occurs to be necessary to improve my knowledge in Criminology, Philosophy and Psychology, as those are such sciences which set the constant quest for knowledge, requiring the deep analysis of every issue from every angle and every side. That means that skills and knowledge which I would get after learning these sciences would benefit me in my further career. All these necessary skills may be got through self-education.

Due to my personality type it is important to me to be engaged in productive and helpful projects, and work on both of these positions may be considered as such. Though up till now I didn’t …

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