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John Winthrop

I can provide sufficient context and detailed information to explain the significance of John Winthrop because I have studied a lot of information about his identity. Everything comes from the idea that John Winthrop was a great Puritan leader, he had strong religious principles and he was successful at building a great political career. I am going to proclaim that the life of John Winthrop was fruitful in the state sphere, and the literary, and family life. The main idea is that John Winthrop was sincerely devoted to God that provided an impact on his political activity and I am able to prove this information. John Winthrop sailed from England to build a community in a new place. John Winthrop was the first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony's, he founded some England settlements, and his political and cultural activity was strongly influenced by his religious views (Dunn, Richard). He was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the key figure among the Puritan founders of New England. John Winthrop led the great migration to New England and ruled the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1630s and 1640. John Winthrop was a part of the rising middling classes, he constantly tried to improve his education and profession and got perfect results (Bremer, Francis, 6).

The next idea is that John Winthrop was a very religious person, he studied scriptural study and prayers when he was a child, later he became a full-fledged Puritan. John Winthrop suggested that God had elected him to salvation, and his religious experience changed his outlook (Dunn, Richard). In 1636-1648, he was removed from his position and re-elected to this position twelve times. I learned basic information about John Winthrop from four sources. I used the work of Richard Dunn who provided biographical information about John Winthrop and mentioned basic points about him that served the basis for future research. I used work of Michael Burgan (2006) that is a biography about the life of John Winthrop, which included consideration of timeline, historical period and his political activity. Francis Bremer (2003) mentioned that John Winthrop was America's forgotten founding father and considered his activity as leader of the colonists. The author avoids discussion of theology and focuses on his principles and political views that influences his family life and the political career. Francis J. Bremer (2003) also studied a life and the political activity of John Winthrop. According to him, to understand his personality means to consider his accomplishments in directing the Massachusetts Bay Colony, his life, and experiences before he came to the New World. Francis J. Bremer states that the religion was the center of his existence and was seen in all other aspects. He mentioned that John Winthrop was the Massachusetts governor who inspired Ronald Reagan and Michael Dukakis, and his «city in a hill» still unites people.

Francis J. Bremer (2003) considered his political activity and life, he proved that John Winthrop followed his values and a certain path being …

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