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Joseph Conrad Essay

Joseph Conrad (real name - Jozef Korzeniowski, 1857-1924.). An excellent of English writing of the twentieth century was conceived in the Russian Empire in a group of Polish nationalists, individuals from hostile to government challenges. In 1874, he fled to Marseilles, turned out to be a cabin boy on a merchant French ship and three years later, while swimming in the Pacific Ocean for the first time began to learn English. After some time, he turned into the commander of the British traveler armada, and sea experience gave Conrad the material for his artistic works. In the wake of resigning, he committed himself completely to writing and in the mid-nineties started to distribute books and short stories, that were appreciated by the readers at once.

Conrad was able to enter the first number of the oldest writers of literature created in a language other than his mother tongue, - this happened very rarely. Throughout the twentieth century, his reputation grew with each passing decade, because it was becoming increasingly clear the role of one of the founders of modernism. The highest achievement of Conrad is a small novel volume "Heart of Darkness".In 1890, Conrad was a captain in the Belgian trading company operating in the Congo, then Belgian colony. He got on his boat at 230 miles up the Congo River, and the diary of this trip for June-August 1890 was the basis for the novel "Heart of Darkness" (1899 - version of the journal, in 1902 - the publication in a book form).At first glance before us is the storyteller's tale of Charlie Marlow on his adventure into the heart of tropical Africa, the exchanging station of the European organization to get the merchandise amassed there - ivory - and take out the persistent's specialists of the organization, Mr. Kurtz.

The story can be read as a story about the adventures of Marlow in the heart of Africa, but it is distinguished by the complexity of such an organization as the narrative that is perceived both as a philosophical novel, besides making it possible to directly opposite and mutually exclusive readings. “No doubt Conrad uses a great deal of conscious. Visible, sometimes blatant, rhetoric. No doubt his rhetoric works with very uneven success” (Monod, 250).This is a generally new component of the coming's writing twentieth century - a phenomenal level of fixation issues and pluralistic, the vagueness of their ideological and imaginative choices. Following a century of control of positivist self-assurance, when it appeared that science and writing have been or speak the truth to discover conclusive responses to every one of the inquiries coming century epistemological uncertainty, have questions about the known capacity of the world and the human soul.

World of modernism in literature appears as a man eternally hostile chaos, knowing that the world is complicated, but in the fullness of his own life which is not available, and only art (and literature - the word) is a means of organizing the world. Just the …

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