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My Professional Role and Contribution

My profession is an account manager for Bosch. Robert Bosch GmbH is a German group of companies that is a leading global supplier of technology in the field of automotive and industrial technology services, consumer goods, construction and packaging technologies.

The Bosch Group has approximately 440 subsidiaries, regional companies in more than 150 countries with 350 000 employees all over the world. Being an account manager, I perform a variety of duties, most of them are aimed at managing employer’s client relationship, develop new business strategies towards new and loyal customers. I am responsible for a lot of different industries such as advertising, financial and even media. An account manager is like a company representative, being the face of the company, who is able to communicate with clients, to meet the clients` expectations and deliver them a positive customer service. An account manager should demonstrate an enthusiastic and methodical approach due to contribute the company positively. My contribution is to assist Bosch stores in sales and help them in everything what they need.

I am usually required to prepare reports of the sales department, annual forecast or account status reports. In order to assist the company in a right way, I am fully control and evaluate business processes and company strategy, having superior communication and negotiating skills no matter what their age or position in the company, the main aim is to create ling term relationship with clients. I am fond of searching new business opportunities for the company that allows me to make a significant contribution. The company has been enhancing quality of life for people, they create and implement innovative ideas in the production process almost every day, being one step ahead of their …

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