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Journal Entry. “Becoming a learner” by Matthew L. Sanders

The book “Becoming a learner” by Matthew L. Sanders depicts the misconceptions that students in college have. The book also outlines adjustments that the students should have so that they can benefit conventionally from their education. This journal will discuss the points that pop up when one is reading the book which are ultimately important for every college student.

In chapter 2, the writers pops out a point that one does not qualify when they just graduate and get their certificate. He claims that those who are qualified and fit for their prospective fields are those that strived for the excellence and worked to their potential. The ability to work ethically despite challenges translates to ability to excel in the field. Through such means, he insinuates that they can be of more help to the community, having held more value.In the third chapter, the writer persuades readers to avoid the misconception that college there to enable them secure good employment. He advocates that the most important thing in college to ensure the maturity of the students. He adds that the information’s utmost relevancy is to build them to responsible citizens for the contribution to the welfare of the community.

Sanders emphasizes that college and university students should recognize that universities are a place of preparation. His explanation is that the learning institutions should be utilized by students as an ideal environment to get attached to the respective fields that they will be involved with. At the end of chapter four, the writer persuades students to purpose on building their integrity. The students can do this by handling their assignments ethically with no cheating. It is an integral way of producing excellent workers since if student use shortcuts to achieve success in their studies, there is a high probability that they will avoid responsibilities once they are employed.

However, abiding to ethics through college not only assures the students of success but also molds them into resourceful people in the society and will impact positively in their lives.In chapter five, the writer claims that the prime objective of college is not learning a particular set of skills that are required for a certain job. The claim is viable since with the advancement taking place each day in the modern world, people are bound to need more knowledge to deal with popping problems. The student’s ambition should hence to be a learner, for once they are in the job, and they will have to be learners of new techniques for the benefit of their community and those they serve.As discussed in the journal, students should change their views about education to gain much from it as is depicted by the points. The book has shown the misconception that students have and give means of replacing their ideas. In a case where the lessons from the book are complied with, the students and the community stand to win.


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