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Journal Reflection

1) What is health policy? How can health policies be used as regulatory or allocative tool?

Health policy addresses to public policy that concerns or impacts the pursuit of health as well as comprises the aggregate of principles, both unstated and stated. They define the allocation of services, resources, and political impacts that influence on the health of the population. They can be applied to force the authority to control and prescribe the attitude of a particular target audience through watching this audience and imposing sanctions in case it fails to perform. Moreover, They can be utilized as allocative when they include the direct provision of services, income, or products to a specific audience of institutions or individuals. Allocative tools, in they turn, in the sphere of health care consist of two general types: distributive policies and redistributive policies. Distributive policies are the ones which distribute benefits by means of community. For example, it can be funding of medical study by the NIH, medical personnel training through the National Health Services Corps, the establishment of new institutions and creating of health facilities under the program Hill ‐ Burton. Distributive policies comprise such branches as the funding of medical research through the National Institute of Health, improving knowledge medical work staff, development of facilities and initiation of new institutions. Redistributive policies involve creating visible beneficiaries and payers as well as taking power or money from one group and gives it to another. For instance, the Medicaid plan that uses tax revenue to provide poor people with health insurance.

2) What are the health interest groups and their concerns?

Academy Health Interest Groups help interaction of people within specific issue regarding health policy and research of health services. and . Interest Group has an opportunity to disseminate research findings, exchange knowledge, inform policy and decision-making, develop a network as well as analytical skills, and with those sharing common purposes. Interest Group members are able to meet whether face-to-face or online. They also can connect with and learn from their colleagues across the country by the specific discussion forums.The concerns of Health Interest Groups include both state and federal authorities, benefits of health insurance for whether retirees, subordinates or employers. Considering customers, there are not sufficient ways to advocate and organize for its own benefit. Next, tech manufacturers: health benefits to people and significant role in cost. Health Interest Groups also involves alliances.

3) What role does international cooperation play in globalization?

International cooperation involves lots of risk for globalization. It may cause industrial accidents as well as natural disasters. Moreover, Enormous bioterrorism can put strains on a capacity of a single nation to in order to deal with a multiplicity of mass casualties. Intercontinental travels also can be catalysts for spreading diseases. Hence, elimination of all consequences demands international efforts. Further, infectious agents may resist antibiotics, which can result to increase treatment attempts, and the reduction of antibiotic development and research. There is …

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