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Judging the People Discussion Post

In my opinion, it is inappropriate to state for certain that writing prose at either the closed or open end of the closed form/opened form continuum is better and a writer should use one of them more often. Each form has its own characteristics and is useful in certain contexts. However, a writer may prefer one form to the other according to his favorite writing styles. As for me, I like to write in the open form more than in closed form although I think the closed-form prose is the best choice for formal, analytical and argumentative writings.

Because I have a special passion for creative writing, I am at my best in more open and personal forms. They provide me with the freedom to express my own ideas despite that they may be irregular in nature. With the open form I can also include points of surprise into my writings to make them more exciting and draw readers’ attention, which can be considered improper in the closed-form prose. When I was in high school, I wrote a small piece of creative writing as response to the topic that required writers to describe a new kind of civilization in the future. I wrote the paper in form of a radio broadcast welcoming new citizens and introducing them to the new world. Therefore, my work did not follow certain writing rules and became more interesting to read. As most of us I also experience many turning points in my life. They were my first days at school, the times I lost my close people, the first time I was fired from a job and many other occasions. However, I would mention a special memory about a high school classmate as the most unforgettable. Everybody in my class did not get along with her because of the irritating way she treated other. Her unlikeable bulky body figure made our attitude toward her even worse. She was isolated but the thing is she seemed to be unaware of this fact. I kept distance from her until one day I happened to walk around in the same corner of a park with her.

She was sitting on the grass crying and talking to herself. It turned out that she knew we hated her and her strange manner was just a way she protected herself and showed us that she was always fine and did not care. In fact, she wanted to befriend with us so much but at the same time she was also hurt by being excluded. After this, I came to realize that the girl was actually very different from what I thought of her before. This also taught me a lesson about judging other people. The fact that a person is not good-looking or behaves a little bit strange does not mean he or she does not deserve others’ respect and …

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