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Kaizen and Gen X F Project

This study refers to Gen X Company that produces sophisticated x-ray inspection machines, which average cost range from $0.5 to 3.0 million sold globally. However, recently, the company incurred significant problems which where communicated by its one of the key customers MegaPower.

The aim of this project is to analyse the AS-IS processes, find the shortcomings from the customer’s perspective, design TO-BE processes and develop a Gantt Chart for successful changes implementation.5 Key Customer’s IssuesFive key customer’s issue may be summarized as follows:Product quality. Customer seeks for extended hands-off performance, increased reliability of their machines.

Competitors outperform Gen X on this parameter. Installation time. Gen X inspection machines take too long to be installed that cost too much for customers. On-time delivery. Gen X eroded its goodwill by recent mistakes and delays in delivery.Accuracy and flexibility in managing customer’s orders. The customer expects Gen X managers to be attentive to the order’s specification, even if late changes were made.


The customer appreciates Gen X’s operator and maintenance programs, but desires long-term collaboration with the same trainer, who will be able to deliver effective training using a comprehensive local language.“As-Is” Equivalent to Define and Measure --DM – of DMAIC

Product quality means reliability for clients and loyalty and returned purchases for Gen X. The customer cannot afford make recalibration every 10 hours, as new AXIS-2000 requires. They desire extended hands-off performance.Installation time is one of the key factors, since any disruption in the work of the reactor cores is very costly to the client. Each hour of the shut-down procedure costs $50,000 in lost earnings.On time delivery is important at the same reasons.Accuracy in managing orders is important to both customer satisfaction and Gen X’s financial viability. On-time payments from the clients ensure on-time payments for accounts payable, since the clients pay only if all units of the system are delivered according to the customer’s PO.

Operator and maintenance training programs is Gen X’s key differentiator from their competitors which lag behind in the quality of training initiatives. Therefore, this factor should be further improved to ensure loyalty and sustained competitive advantage in the long-term for Gen X.Customer Key Measurement ChartIn order to build

Customer Key Measurement Chart, we picked 5 most important measurable customer requirements, established how to measure these requirements, and finally scaled our current and desired performance using a 6-point scale, where 1 – is the poorest, 6- is the best performance.

Finally, the duration of our operation and maintenance training was found to be appropriate to the customers. They rated this parameter highly enough, as compared to competitors, therefore, it should be maintained at this high level. Map the current (As-Is) process In this paper, two modeling methods will be used: IDEF0 to describe functional models and IDEF3 to establish process descriptions (Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation). These two approaches will provide holistic view on the business processes models …

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