Key Factors That Cause Students to Drop the Accounting Program essay sample

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Key Factors That Cause Students to Drop the Accounting Program

Table of Contents



III.Literature Review

IV.Theoretical Framework and Hypotheses

V.Research Method

Research Questions

Research Technique

Sampling Strategy and Data Collection Design

Collation and Presentation of the Data Gathered

Limitations of the study



This research is about drop-out behavior among the students of master accounting program and the key factors that cause students to discontinue the accounting program. The paper contains overall discussion about drivers of student motivation to academic work and the results of survey conducted among the students that dropped the accounting program.Recommendations relate primarily to the curators of the accounting program and management of the faculty to reduce the number of students dropped the accounting program. Conclusion section summarizes the information about the key findings during the survey and the methodology used to write the paper.By analyzing the secondary data we can conclude that there is a gap in the investigation of the key factors that drive students to drop the accounting program.

The sources are mainly focused on the motivation factors to enroll in accounting program, overall importance of the quality of accounting education and approaches that can be adopted from the teacher’s perspective.Based on the survey conducted among the students that dropped the accounting program it is possible to highlight the following key findings:- Significant amount of students that decided to discontinue the master accounting program was not satisfied with the content of the accounting program.- The key source of the students’ dissatisfaction with the master’s accounting program is absence of clear, well-written and comprehensive requirements for the program.- Dropped-out students have also experienced to a large degree lack of the faculty support and peer support.- Dropped-out behavior was also influenced by personal factors of the students such as interference with job or family responsibilities or inconvenience of program attendance.


The accounting knowledge has an essential impact on the business environment and the overall society. However, it became frequent that students enrolled into the accounting program dropped out. To better understand the underlying patterns of that behavior and issues that the faculty management should address to diminish the rate of dropped out students the research was conducted. Specifically, it was known that students dropped their study program were partially motivated by their personal issues such as changes in financial status or child birth and partially they were motivated by the dissatisfaction from the content of the program. Therefore we consider the following factors as potentially influential for the decision to discontinue the accounting program: family pressure, financial situation, quality of teaching, intensity, course distribution.

The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the key factors that cause students to drop the master’s accounting program and to evaluate their overall satisfaction from the program attendance. The secondary objective is propose some steps that may help to reduce the number of drop-out students.The study is organized as the sequential explanatory research. Firstly we gathered quantitative data by conducting the …

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