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Labor Cities


ICAD 1 covers a total of 14 square Km and is situated near Musafah Sea Port. It is in a proximity of Abu-Dhabi International Airport, and it is 30 km from Abu-Dhabi city. There are many administration centers inside ICAD 1 such as banks, business centers, hotel, cultural center, clinics, and shopping malls (ZonesCorp, 2008). ICAD 1 is well equipped with all required facilities and public utilities. The center contains clusters of specialized industries such as food industries, textile industries, wood industries, engineering and chemical industries, high tech industries, plastic products and construction materials industries. ICAD 1 is in a close vicinity where all governmental departments responsible for issuing of industrial licenses are in one place. The location makes the work of investors easy, and it saves their time and allows them to concentrate on business. The cost of ICAD 1 public utilities and its infrastructures is AED, and it has over AED 6 billion of investments.


ICAD II was established according to the model of public and private sectors partnership (PPP model). According to ZonesCorp, (2008) ICAD II infrastructures were constructed according to international standards and criteria. ICAD II is 30 km from Abu-Dhabi, and it covers an area of 11 square km. It has 101 plots of land for clustering of specialized industries, such as engineering industries, construction materials industries, wood products industries, plastic industries, chemical industries, and gas and oil sector industries. Many factories have been constructed in ICAD II, and others are on plan. ICAD II has 11 billion of investments for capital and operating assets. The center has a busy road network that covers 27 km, 21 km for drainage, 21 km of gas pipe, and 60 km pipes that pump out rain water.


ICAD III is still under construction covering an area of 12 square km. ICAD III strategic plan is to provide operative support to customers and investors. It will also meet the industrial investment demands. Furthermore, according to the ZonesCorp strategic plan, ICAD III is being designed to accommodate clusters of different industries, such as construction material industries, chemical compounds industries, and engineering industries. Currently, ICAD III is experiencing high demand from international and local investors.


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