Labor-Management relations, unions and unionization practices essay sample

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Labor-Management relations, unions and unionization practices

This essay addresses the article “M.T.A. Contract Workers Push for Higher Wages and Better Working Conditions” published in the New York Times on November 27th 2015. The article relates to issues between labor and management at the Global Contact Services, which manages call centers for private companies and public organizations. The company is also the North Carolina-based contractor of the the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

In 2003 the company purchased the Queens call center. Workers employed at the call canter are responsible for handling calls for Access-A-Ride, which is a transit service for people with disabilities. According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the agency is satisfied with the call center’s performance. The agency stated that calls are processed in a fast way and customers are satisfied. The call center’s personnel are polite, friendly and quick to help.Recently, the workers have complained about low wages, unsatisfactory work environment and bedbugs in their office. Workers consider such conditions as deplorable. A year ago, workers have joined the Transport Workers Union Local 100. This year, they are planning to strike. Currently, workers make from $9 to $11 an hour.

This wage is perceived as unfair because employees work for a state-run agency. Company’s management made claims that it would increase worker’s minimum wage to $15. Officials also promised to report workers’ complaints to board members. As a result, the board should review pay rates, working and firing conditions. The president of Transport Workers Union Local 100 met with the chief executive of the company and reached agreement over working conditions and contract. As the union found out, hundreds of workers were fired from the company in an unfair way. There is evidence that workers were punished for supporting the union. Workers stated that the management of the company dismissed the existing personnel and recruited new trainees who were ready to work at a lower wage.

Some workers placed a discrimination lawsuit against the management of the Global Contact Services, stating that they were paid low wages because they were females and faced difficulties when looking for job opportunities elsewhere. There was another lawsuit which claimed that the majority of females employed at the company were sexually harassed by their supervisors. One woman stated that she was bitten on the job. The current event discussed in the article relates to the week’s reading. It reflects the most common issue between labor and company’s management and is associated with low wages and dissatisfying work conditions. The main purpose of work union is to protect employees from unjust management practices. Unions should prevent companies from making profit at the expense of employees.

Due to unions, workers have collective voice and bargaining power. They can negotiate better deals and protect their interests. Without unions, workers are unable to change their terms of employment and have no chances to affect the management of the company. The articles placed in the …

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