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NIKE is renowned global outfit specializing in importing Japanese shoes. The company and has proved to be the largest shoe dealer in footwear and other sports related apparel (Ozanian, 1-2). The company deals in athletic footwear, and apart from manufacturing the Nike product line. The company markets the Bauer brand sporty tools brand on behalf of their partner Cole Haan, and informal footwear and the Sports merchandise. By estimation for the resemblance of its products sketched by overview, indicate that Nike products are on sale in virtually any sports merchandise and boutiques in every nations in the world. In the United Arab Emirates, the products are sold in almost 400 Nike authorized retail outlets; the company has authorized dealers in more than 110 different countries.

The company directly designs, develops, and markets its products as a means of boosting the sales of the manufacturers located overseas. The company is popular for its very lucrative marketing strategy, which is renowned for making consistent high volume sales of all its innovative designs of all its products while at the same time dealing with the heavy promotion. The company possesses a unique market intelligence language that triggers excellent growth for all its products. In the presence of competition from other global brands like Puma and Adidas, for the global market, Nike realizes the need for a proper language in market intelligence.

The essay follows Nike’s language intelligence in marketing using one of its product the, Nike Air soccer boots.The secret behind Nike’s 47% global market share is the language in marketing intelligence. Nike's mission states that as a company it aims at bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete (Nike Inc., 2012).

According to Nike, an athlete possesses a body and the product must match that and bring comfort and efficiency. The mission for the Nike Air soccer boots was that of developing and maintaining a series of soccer boots that the athletes enjoy possessing and with the strength, comfortable, durable enough, and at the right price. The designers of the boots use the simplicity of leatherwork combined with metal, lexin, plastic and cotton. The final product is a boot that is unique compared to all others.

Currently the Nike Air boot chain is a market leader in its category. The price factor poses the greatest risk for Nike and all its products in the market. The company market leadership allows it to have access to cheap material and labor and the location of its manufacturing stores in nations with better business environments allows it to pay lower tariffs and duties. Nike’s presence in the various countries, allows the suppliers to have lower bargaining power and that is the first reason why the Nike Air boots are reasonably priced as compared to the other close competitors. However, they still do face a constant threat from the substitute goods from other companies like Adidas (Adidas Power soccer boots) and Puma which are …

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