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Large-Scale Change VS Traditional Guiding

Compare and Contrast Large-Scale Change Techniques with the Traditional Guiding Coalition Approach. What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each?

Ensuring effective operation of a company in the modern environment requires utilization of quality management techniques that foster sustainable change. Two contrasting approaches that can be utilized for that end are the large-scale change implementation and the more traditional approach of a guiding coalition.Large-scale change techniques imply wide engagement of the firm’s stakeholders and may lead to producing a strategic plan that accounts for multiple nuances of the goals and characteristics of an enterprise (Kotter, 1996).

In its framework, it is possible and advisable to take hundreds and thousands of employees together at one event and incorporate their suggestions for the company’s development into an actual viable plan. The strength of this technique is that it is possible to achieve a good result when large numbers of people need to agree on an issue, and speed of taking this decision is particularly important.

The weakness of such an approach may be increased exposure to the tendency of employees of confronting change. Influence of this factor can be reduced once a guiding coalition takes on the biggest part of the responsibility. A valuable addition to the topic is represented by the finding that states that addressing emotions of individuals within the framework of implementing large-scale change gives better results then providing them with analytical information (Kotter, 2015).Traditional guiding coalition approach, the change process is executed primarily by a chosen group of individuals who have an influence on and respect for others in the enterprise, high level of leadership skills or authority.

The weakness of this approach is that no participation and strategic co-creation by a wide range of employees occurs. The strength is manifested primarily in the companies with well-structured vertical hierarchy, where this top-down approach can be reproduced most efficiently.Ability to quickly and effectively react to the demand for change is becoming a vital factor in achieving success in the modern business environment, and therefore it is essential for a manager to be knowledgeable in the available approaches and techniques.


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