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Question 1

The nation’s workforce has experienced significant changes over the last ten years. Despite some of these changes in the workforce having serious negative implications for the economy, most of them have come with numerous opportunities. One notable change in our nation’s workforce can be observed in the composition of the workforce. A higher percentage of the nation’s workforce plans to work longer than usual to compensate for investment losses, insufficient retirement savings, or previous bouts of unemployment (Avolio, & Yammarino 2013). This trend has seen the workforce in many organizations in the country dominated by older people. There are various opportunities that arise as a result of the domination of the workforce by older people. With older workers, organizations have opportunities to save as they require less in their maintenance. Furthermore, older workers have lower turnover and absenteeism, higher capability to adjust and change, and higher decision quality (Freeman, 2010). In addition, the more experience and training of the older workers reduces their chances of getting injured while at work. These are opportunities that organizations need to tap in due to the changes in the nation’s workforce.Another noteworthy change in the nation’s workforce is the decline in manufacturing employment. Consequently, service- related employment has seen significant growth with some of the fastest growing occupations in U.S. coming from information technology sectors and health care (Avolio, & Yammarino 2013). One important opportunity as a result of this change is the ubiquitous use of computers in the workplace. This change has seen the transfer of more business processes online, with workers relying more on using computers in managing their processes, including human resource, finance, billing, order processing, and customer service (Avolio, & Yammarino 2013). With most of the employees having access to computers, it becomes easy for the management to pass important and urgent communication to the employees with the privacy that the information deserves. Another remarkable change in the nation’s workforce can be observed in where people work. According to Avolio and Yammarino (2013), only half of all the employees in the United States work from the same location every day. Most of the workers do their jobs from home. This change has resulted in significant benefits to the economy as workers tend to work more than their usual working hours. The workforce is also relieved from stress and the pressure of working from one place.

Question 2

Many philosophers and business leaders would argue that affirmative action and managing diversity are one and the same thing. However, a closer look at the two initiatives reveals distinctive differences between them. To begin with, changes in the affirmative action are driven by the law (Bolden, & Gosling 2006). They are based on legal directives that require federal contractors to measure employment practices and develop a workforce that reflects the community in which they work. It also has its roots in the Equal Employment Opportunity legislation of the 1960s (Bolden, & Gosling 2006). Employers are required …

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