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Leadership Essay

It is well-known fact that real leaders are not born, but self-made. The Arts Leaders Forum classes not only taught me how to understand the systematic theory of leadership, but it also inspired me to know more about me; especially on the kind of leadership traits I have, and what more I need to know and learn to help me in the future. I am privileged to have learned a great deal from the Art Leaders Forum, especially from listening and understanding from the narrations of the experienced guest speakers. This has not only enhanced my understanding on leadership, but has also helped me develop my skills as a leader.

I see my leadership style as being up there with the best when I visualize what my strengths and character on hearing them in class. When evaluating my personality strength on the basis of how I handle things, I believe I am an optimistic and zestful person. I have the required interpersonal and communication skills necessary to enhance my personality. This is the reason why I have a lot of friends and find it easy to make new friends also. Another parameter to consider would be on one’s morality. I feel I have the moral perspective to remain uncorrupt when I do things while I resent wishful consent for money and power even if it meant that I would at times think otherwise. Perfectionism is another quality to judge one’s leadership qualities.

I challenge myself to complete my tasks admirably and in the shortest possible time. I am not sure whether this quality of mine can be termed to be advantageous as I push myself beyond my comfort zone and in the process, drag others with me. Belief and self-confidence would be another parameter to include when evaluating one’s leadership qualities. Even though it’s a cliché, I see my behavior influence others as I dismiss their attitude when getting things done in a group. Maybe I do not see myself entirely, but with time, I may observe the behavior of others as I begin to see my true character traits. Leaders are those who can motivate, and influence others to get his or her work done. Since employee performance determines the success of any business, an organization’s success depends on how well a leader is able to motivate and influence his or her subordinates. When considering the combination of the traits illustrated above, I do believe I have the desired leadership qualities to be a true leader. I follow a code of ethics (self-discipline) that helps me maintain the required level of integrity and transparency required to maintain a relationship; whether it’s with someone senior, or with a subordinate. I have never led a group of people formally, and so, it is prudent to think that I have learned the art of leadership. There are so many things that still need to be reaffirmed before I can gauge …

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