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Leading Motivation

Question 1

It should be stated that to answer this question it is needed to apply expanded eight-stage Maslow’s need hierarchy model. It includes not only basic needs and self-actualization but is added with cognitive needs and aesthetics needs that are placed before self-actualization. The final eight dimension is transcendence needs as the needs to assist in self-actualization for other persons (Adair, 2006).It is worth noting that I will structure Maslow’s need hierarchy for scientists differently. It should be stated that the main goal of the scientists’ work is to find new knowledge. They study constantly from their theoretical and practical mistakes to improve the level of knowledge they possess. Cognitive needs in the Maslow’s expanded pyramid are placed after self-esteem needs. Self-esteem needs are related more to status, prestige, independence etc. I reckon that scientists live in their own world where there is an internal desire to search for the perfection. Cognitive needs imply the knowledge and meaning in a person’s life. Therefore, I will put cognitive needs before self-esteem needs for scientists.

Regarding the structure of Maslow’s pyramid for engineers, I will leave it as it was thought of by the author. I must admit that engineers search for the recognition from the community they work in. It should be underlined that working achievements and mastery (self-esteem) are important for them as well as self-actualization needs in the form of realizing personal potential. It is essential to create such working environment for the engineers that will facilitate their constant learning and taking part in projects allowing satisfaction of the highest needs from the Maslow’s pyramid.

Question 2

It is essential to underline that an engineering profession demands high level of constant learning and improvement. As our world and technologies change, an engineer should constantly update his skills to stay competitive at the labor market. When starting his carrier, an engineer searches for classical projects to train his theoretical skills obtained during study. In this phase he is motivated to satisfy partially belongings needs by being perceived in the working community as a professional and partially self-esteem needs. Further, engineer will seek for the challenging projects. He will be motivated to demonstrate his improved knowledge to facilitate the satisfaction of self-actualization needs in particular personal growth.

The factors that motivated engineers at the beginning of their career are more related to financial component and appeal less to the needs placed higher in the Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid. Over time together with proceeding in their carrier employees search for the exciting and challenging work accomplishing of which will bring personal growth of the employee. Engineer managers should develop individual learning plans to provide a range of opportunities for employees. Moreover, it is important to recognize and reward the efforts that engineers made for the particular project. Furthermore, engineer managers should show the engineers how their work influences the business performance. Engineer managers are responsible for the success of their team. They are true leaders who set a direction of development for their subordinates. …

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