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Letter of Apology

“Trust” Financial Group is a major sponsor of the local television channel. Recently board of directors made a decision to abort financing of a channel due to a list of reasons.
Recent news provided by the channel became highly biased towards some of political parties and individuals.The direction of TV channel did not provide a financial report to their sponsors for last month so it remains unknown of how sponsored money is spent. The direction of TV channel decided to enlist the financial support from various unknown sources without informing their current sponsors about such decision.

Direction of “LTV” channel“LTV”


22nd StreetLancaster, 4884

Dear Mr. Mannerheim,

Our financial group greatly appreciates your work in creation of informing and entertaining content for “LTV” channel. It is nice to see how your project has grown this big, gained a reputation of a trusted information source just in few years and became well-known not only in our local community, but also abroad.

We are happy that we had an opportunity to take part in this channel’s formation since it was a unique and valuable experience for our group. We hope that you enjoyed our partnership as much as we did.Our group wants to inform you that we are aborting a sponsorship for “LTV” Entertainment due to internal issues. It was a hard decision for our presidium and it was difficult to reach an agreement in some cases.

Please accept our apologies for creating such conditions for your company.

According to contact, “LTV” Entertainment will receive a refund to support it financially until you are able to find new sponsors. “Trust” Financial Group wishes the best of luck in future development to you and your channel. We hope that “LTV” will continue its rapid ascend in media space and creation of such unique content.

Best regards,

“Trust” Financial …

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