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Letter of Recommendation

Dear Admissions Committee,

Jorge Rodriguez was a student in my Sociology class. The primary objective of this course was weekly essays and quizzes, a critical assessment of a Sociology journal article paper and other assignments. Jorge demonstrated a strong performance and understanding of the material in class.

In addition, his excellent written communication skill in all of the course requirements granted him an “A” grade in my class. I have been teaching Behavioral Sciences courses for [years of experience], and I rank Jorge at the top [give a percent range from top students in your experience] out of [number of students you have taught in your career as professor] students. During classes, I observed many competencies in Jorge rarely seen in other students. For instance, Jorge always came to class prepared and never failed in answering the questions connected with the homework.

Also, he was not afraid to answer questions in lectures and usually was a volunteer at the classes. His intellectual curiosity to understand the patterns of human behavior in society was impressive. In group assignments, Jorge was always willing to be a group leader and was highly respected by his groupmates – cultural competence, leadership, maturity and a non-confrontational character were some of the abilities I observed on him as a group leader.

Jorge demonstrated good results both working in team and on his own. He was prepared for any question asked in class, showing cultural relativisms and respect toward other classmate’s cultural background in every answer. Jorge possesses good oral and written communication skills and masters two languages – Spanish and English. Over the years of studying Jorge Rodriguez proved himself as responsible and dedicated student who seeks not just to accumulate knowledge, but also to apply it in practice. Being a Member of Alpha Epsilon Delta-The Health Preprofessional Honor Society, a volunteer and a tutor, Jorge was actively participating in social and cultural life of the university, which vividly demonstrates his desire to help others and serve society.I had the pleasure to know Jorge better during my office hours where we discussed about advanced concepts not covered in class and his coursework, which was a research project focused in criminal behavior.

When attending my office hours Jorge demonstrated objective and logical analysis discussing the issues of his article paper. Moreover, I observed that he is a reliable and diligent person, who always hands the assignments in time. Both during the classes and after them, the student applies critical thinking and tries to develop his professional skills. I have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Rodriguez possesses enough knowledge and has great interpersonal skills, which can make him a first class …

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