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It is with great honor and humility that I take this opportunity to write to your esteemed office concerning my academic performance in the last two semesters. It is noteworthy that accepting one's mistakes is not a sign of weakness but a strength that needs nurturing to build good virtues in the future by correcting the mistakes. Therefore, I take the early chance to accept that I have exhibited poor academic performance in the last two semesters.

However, I am hopeful that all is not lost because given a chance; it is possible for me to improve in the areas that I have failed in the last academic semesters.It is crucial to highlight the reasons that have led me to perform poorly in my area of specialization. First, my conduct in relation to class attendance has been wanting as I continuously missed lessons that were crucial in my course. Therefore, I could not respond accurately to the questions that emanated from the lessons that I had missed, thereby leading me to fail in the end of semester examinations. Secondly, I failed in the first semester because the university did not provide an alternative to select biology lessons that were hard to me. In my second semester, it is easy to attribute my poor performance to the late reporting to the university.

Having been late for about three weeks led me to miss classes and crucial lessons whose concepts were tested in the examinations.However, it is my belief that I can still improve if the office of the Restart coordinator allows me to continue with my studies at ASU University. In pursuit of improvement, I promise to report to the university early so as to attend the important lessons that will enable me to perform better in the third semester exams.

ASU University has been my dream institution of higher learning and therefore, I feel that I should remain a student at ASU University. Moreover, in the third semester, I will endeavor to attend all lessons that my course demands and therefore, it will be possible for me to perform well compared to last semester's performance. My business at ASU University is to learn, and I feel determined to put more efforts in my academics this semester if allowed the chance to continue being a student at the …

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