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Dear Head of Amnesty International

This Year, a political activist and a cartoonist, Zunar Zulkiflee, a citizen of Malaysia was arrested and detained by the government of Malaysia. In what appeared to be a bizarre initiative, the government acted to stop Zunar from criticizing its move to arrest the opposition leader of Malaysia.

First, the government violated the rights of the opposition leader by arresting him merely because he criticized the current leadership of Malaysia. It is an awkward practice in the modern civilization for governments to mistreat its critics. The critics are not armed and in no way can they disrupt the peace of a country and their work is only highlighting the excesses of the government. It is noteworthy that the government of Malaysia is denying Zunar the right of speech. The denial is noticeable because the cartoonist was arrested for tweeting where he seems to differ with the government on the way to approach the positive criticism.

As noted earlier, the government of Malaysia, through the prime minister acted in violation of human rights and as such this letter urges the amnesty international to investigate any other cases of human rights abuses in Malaysia. It has come to my attention that the government of Malaysia has undertaken a crackdown on its critics and it might be in the move of to arrest more critics. The matter of arresting critics is a weighty issue that needs the attention of the international community and as such, I believe that the amnesty international has the capacity to argue the case of human rights abuses of Malaysia to the international community. It is noteworthy that the crackdown on the people who appear to criticize the government of Malaysia constitutes a gross human right abuse by a government that should protect the people. All necessary international bodies have the mandate to ensure that the rights of the critics of the government are observed and protected at all levels of governance. It is impossible to have a working government without the checks from the opposition and patriotic citizens who point out at the excesses of the government. Notably, there is a need to strengthen the institutions that provide checks to the government to ensure that the government delivers its mandate to the people of Malaysia.

Therefore, I write to your office to consider doing the following petition the government and prime minister of Malaysia to drop charges levelled against Zunar and stop the arresting of the people who express the freedom of speech in the country by criticizing the government of Malaysia. To reach Zunar in person and pass a message to him that the people of the free world stand with him at the time of trial consider engaging other world organizations such as the United Nations to address the case of Zunar

To petition the government of Malaysia to release Zunar because he was arrested for expressing …

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