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Paths traveled by former prisoners upon the return to their families and communities


The paper will focus on the analysis of paths traveled by former prisoners upon their return to family members and communities in particular. Many former prisoners have rather difficult paths and, as a result, they face a lot of obstacles when they reentry into society. The paper will provide a deep and thorough analysis of the obstacles, such as healthcare problems, employment problems, housing problems, worsening of mental and physical abilities, and the demonstration of a poor model of parenting to children. The paper will provide an effective approach to determining factors for both a successful and unsuccessful parole. Finally, it will focus on the application of suggestions in a real- world context.

Keywords: epistemology, the correctional system, oppression, criminal offending, custodial parents, custodial misconduct, sexual misconduct, prisoner reentry.

Table of Contents:


Discussion of key terms.

Paths traveled by former prisoners upon the return to their families and communities.

The determining factors for a successful vs. unsuccessful parole.

Obstacles faced by former prisoners when they reentry into society.

Application in a real-world context.



People who have been to prison have come through different difficulties in order to survive under those conditions. Some prisoners have become the victims of oppression and sexual abuse, while others have managed to avoid severe obstacles. Those prisoners who have been oppressed for some period of time usually get a post-traumatic disorder and then, they need to consult specialists in order to come back to normal way of life. It is worth noticing that all the prisoners regardless of the difficulties in prison get stressed, because the fact that the person will be imprisoned is already a stress. A lot of people who are imprisoned have families and children and thus, they feel stressed, because they are separated from their families and communities for a particular period of time. Prison is a place of breaking life values and interests.

Prison ruins people’s types of thinking, their attitudes to life, and people in particular. It has certain rules and norms that all prisoners have to follow regardless of their desires. Since people in prison cannot develop their types of thinking due to the norms, rules, and appropriate social conditions, they become stressed, depressed, and isolated from the society, which prevents them from living a normal way of life as soon as they get from prison. The hypotheses of the paper are the following ones: females are more oppressed than males in prison; females find it more difficult than males to return to their families and communities due to their psychological peculiarities; a lot of prisoners get a post-traumatic disorder and, thus they should be provided with professional help in order to qualify for the requirements and standards of society as soon as they get from prison; former prisoners should be morally and psychologically strong to overcome the obstacles that appear on their way to a successful parole; all prisoners are provided with certain suggestions and recommendations that should be followed …

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