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Machiavelli’s View of God

Machiavelli’s view of leadership and authority stand to challenge God’s forgiving, merciful and tolerant nature. Machiavelli provides various arguments that seek to enable princes to keep their dominions in control. The methods recommended by the philosopher use tactics such as military action, intimidation, cunningness and false identity. Contrary to Machiavelli’s style, the God of Genesis prefers transparency, forgiveness and promotes a sense of free will.

Therefore, Machiavelli would criticize the lenient methods of governing used by God. Nonetheless, Machiavelli might agree to some drastic measures taken by God such as wiping the world with floods and destroying the wicked world.Machiavelli insists on the importance of war in annexing a kingdom and maintaining a political domain (Machiavelli, 2). Moreover, he mentions the importance of diplomacy, tactical politics and geographical mastery in the control of kingdoms. The writer asserts that war is the essential tool that defines the growth of a nation. Unlike Machiavelli, God takes a diplomatic and caring approach to keeping people in check. For instance, the story of creation is an expression of love from God. He creates the earth and blesses man with vast resources and freedom in the world. The system suggests that God follows a philosophy of liberal thought rather than military warfare to establish his reign.The author suggests that it is important for a Prince to avoid hatred from the people he governs.

Besides, Machiavelli suggests that it is better for a Prince to gain fear rather than love from his empire. Fear remains essential in the successful administration of an empire, kingdoms, and principalities. However, God tries to establish a relationship of love with Adam and Eve by placing them in the Garden of Eden. After committing the first sin, Adam and Eve hide from God because they fear his wrath and feel ashamed (Genesis 3:10). God responds to the situation by clothing Adam and Eve with skins. The action is a clear indication of a leader that tries to break down the barrier created by fear. The argument suggests that Machiavelli would remain opposed to God’s democratic system of governance.It is essential to evaluate the role of virtue and vice in defining Machiavelli’s style of leadership. While he believes that a great leader must appear virtuous, he warns princes against embracing virtues that lead to the detriment of their power (Machiavelli, 12). An example is the fact that the philosopher encourages the use of fear and intimidation to govern the state. Machiavelli’s style disagrees with God, who seeks to encourage virtue and discourage vice through punishment. An illustration is the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden after their first sin. The book of Genesis holds no record of God using vice to establish his authority over the earth’s creation. Rather, he allows people to exist in a state of free will for a long period until the Kingdom gets out of control.The ideas of Machiavelli meets with those of God …

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