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The two concepts of mail-order brides and prostitution have for long been interlinked. This paper seeks to explore this connection, or lack of it all together.

Mail order bride refers to the action of getting a wife from another country off the internet (Belleau, 2003). There are websites that cater to this market need. This phenomenon happens mostly in the western countries. The women who engage in this business are mostly from countries in Asia and South America. Lately, a small number of Africans are penetrating the market. A person wishing to get a mail order bride goes to a website offering these services and browses through the various profiles of women seeking husbands (Jackson, 2002). After finding the ideal profile, payments are processed and the woman is soon sent on her way to meet her husband. The two parties henceforth live together as man and wife. This arrangement is especially accommodative for men seeking the traditional ideal wife who is submissive, as opposed to the modern day feminist wife (Constable, 2003). Prostitution, on the other hand, refers to the trade of sex for money or other favors such as work promotions. In this case, the sex is not accompanied by any other duties between the two parties. In prostitution, there is no relationship between the two parties. Women engaging in this trade usually have multiple sexual partners. This is not the case with mail order brides. A mail-order bride takes up the role of a wife and stays married to one man unless the marriage is dissolved through the divorce (Meng, 1994).

There is an argument, however, that mail-order brides receive payments for sex in form of a better life in developed countries. This is because these women engage in sex with their husbands, which can be seen as a carnal trade. This, however, does not constitute prostitution. In any marriage, the two parties usually have their roles to play. The wife is involved in domestic work while the husband is the breadwinner. Consummation of marriage is a natural and necessary responsibility between two married people and is hence not prostitution.


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