“Male Breast Cancer: One Man’s Story” (2015) essay sample

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“Male Breast Cancer: One Man’s Story” (2015)

In the video entitled “Male Breast Cancer: One Man’s Story” (2015), Michael, one of the main characters, shared his history of getting and curing the breast cancer. He confessed that he was aware of this disease and he could not even assume that he would be one of those who have got this disease. I learnt a lot of useful information from this source.

First and foremost, I learned that the majority people believe that the disease of breast cancer is usually associated with women. Secondly, I learned that men usually feel frustrated and stressful when they get to know that they have the breast cancer because they have bad associations with it. This piece of information is very helpful to my learning. It teaches that males should be reassured once they get to know that they have cancer. Thirdly, I learned that people sometimes think that males’ breast cancer is different from females’ breast cancer. However, that is not so. Men and women have the same symptoms when they have the breast cancer. The doctor specified that the specific symptoms of male breast cancer include, but are not limited to the following ones: swelling, the dimpling of the skin, retraction, and redness in the area of the chest. This piece of information is very important and instructive. It teaches that once males notice one of the aforementioned symptoms, they should turn for help to specialists immediately. The disease of breast cancer can be cured. However, in case of patients turn for help at the early stages of the disease, the chances to cure the disease are higher. The video entitled “Male Breast Cancer: One Man’s Story” (2015) is very educational. Michael, the main character of the video, proved that people with the breast cancer should help others because it helps people feel good. In addition, people with the breast cancer should develop a positive attitude to the disease. It is believed that those people with the breast cancer who develop a good attitude to the disease have better chances to cure it. People with the breast cancer should think positively and develop a positive attitude to life and people that surround them in their everyday lives.

This will ensure that the disease will be cured soon. In the video entitled “If I had a Family History of Breast Cancer and was Male,” Goodson (2009) noticed that in case males have a breast cancer family history, they are at a risk of having the gene of breast cancer. As soon as males with a family history of breast cancer make families, they can pass the gene of the breast cancer to their children, no matter whether this is a daughter or a son. Those men who have the gene for the breast cancer should realize that their gene will not necessarily cause the breast cancer because men are less likely to get the breast cancer in comparison to women. …

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